Mang Den – ‘Second Da Lat’ amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

Located at an altitude of 1200m above sea level, Mang Den in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum is likened to the ‘second Da Lat’ among the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. With a space close to nature and wild and pure beauty like a newly blooming forest flower, Mang Den is an attractive destination for many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore.

Mang Den - 'Second Da Lat' amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

When to visit Mang Den

The climate in Mang Den is cool all year round, the weather is mild so you can go here in any season of the year.

If you come in January-March, you will enjoy apricot blossoms, cherry blossoms, Mimosa flowers, and banyan flowers in full bloom, blooming throughout the mountains and forests, creating a beautiful picture that makes you nostalgic and not want to leave.

April-June: This is the most exciting time because you will feel the cold weather, fresh, airy air with the gentle scent of mua flowers, purple myrtle flowers blooming all over the road. , creating an extremely romantic scene that makes you feel like you’re really in the middle of Da Lat.

June – July is the time when the rice fields ripen and people here begin to harvest rice, creating a picture of extreme prosperity and prosperity.

If you love raspberries and raspberries, go to Mang Den in August. If you love wild sunflowers, come in November and December. At this time, wild sunflowers bloom brightly throughout the mountains and forests. You will think you are lost in a fairyland.

Mang Den - 'Second Da Lat' amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands


To get to Mang Den, you can easily choose the appropriate means of transportation such as plane, car or train. From the city center. Kon Tum, you can go by car or motorbike on Highway 24 to the Northeast for 54 km to reach Mang Den. In addition, you can choose to take the bus, which will be safer and more convenient for you.

When coming to Mang Den, you should rent a motorbike at accommodation locations to enjoy the feeling of wandering on the beautiful green, peaceful roads of this land.

Mang Den - 'Second Da Lat' amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

Accommodation location

In Mang Den, there are many beautiful homestays for you to choose from such as: Sum Villa Homestay Mang Den, Hoa Gio Home Mang Den, Shabbat Home Mang Den, HeniSi Homestay Mang Den, Angels Homestay,… Or hotels such as: KonKlor Hotel , Doi Thong Hotel, Hoa Sim Hotel… These are all homestays and hotels located near the town center and around famous tourist destinations, very convenient for your travel and sightseeing.

Famous attractions in Mang Den

Khanh Lam Pagoda

Located on a primeval hill, over 1,200m above sea level, to reach Khanh Lam Pagoda you need to step over more than 200 stone steps. The majestic and solemn pagoda is hidden under the canopy of cool green forest trees. This is a pagoda imbued with the cultural identity of the Central Highlands, and is the first choice of many tourists on their journey to Mang Den.

Kon Bring Cultural and Tourism Village

As one of four community cultural tourism villages of Kon Plong district, Kon Bring community cultural tourism village is a village of the Mo Nam people (of the Xo Dang ethnic group). The village stands out with its high Rong roofs reaching into the sky amidst vast green forests. Surrounding the Rong house are beautiful small stilt houses of the Xo Dang ethnic group located one after another.

Coming to Kon Bring village, you will learn about customs and traditions and integrate into the daily life of the people here with festivals such as: Seed sowing festival, new rice eating festival, water trough festival, Rong house celebration festival, rice warehouse closing ceremony… and human rituals such as wedding, birth, adulthood, death…

Mang Den - 'Second Da Lat' amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

Dak Ke Lake

Dak Ke Lake’s original name is Toong Ro Poong Lake, with an area of ​​about 3 hectares. The lake possesses a wild space, the clear blue lake surface is surrounded by mountains, covered with vast forests. At Dak Ke Lake tourist area, there are many types of entertainment services to help you entertain comfortably such as boating, water cycling, camping…

Pa Sy Waterfall

The waterfall is made up of three largest streams in Mang Den, located at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level. However, the waterfall is not noisy but gentle with a white flow in the middle of the vast Central Highlands.

On the way to Pa Sy waterfall, you will pass the Wooden Sculpture Garden, a unique place loved by many tourists. Artisans at Mang Den have breathed life into wooden statues, vividly recreating the cultural life of the people here with statues of mothers carrying babies, people gathering to drink wine, go to the fields, weave cloth or other activities. special festival….

Mang Den - 'Second Da Lat' amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

Statue of the Virgin Mary in Mang Den

The statue of Our Lady of Mang Den is a relic and Catholic pilgrimage site of Kon Tum diocese. This is a famous spiritual and cultural tourist destination in Mang Den. Discovered in 2004, the statue of the Virgin Mary is present amid the mountains and forests and pristine nature, attracting tens of thousands of pilgrims every year.

Suspension bridge Kon Klor

Dotted among the majestic Central Highlands forests is the Kon Klor suspension bridge, silhouetted majestically on the calm Dak Bla river. Not only is it a bridge connecting the two banks of the river, but it is also a super “hot” check-in location for young people.

Crossing the other side of the bridge, you can come to Ba Na Kon ethnic village, a small village that still retains the traditional features of the Ba Na ethnic group. Sipping some warm wine next to the flickering fire with the people here will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Specialty Mang Den

Coming to Mang Den, you should not miss special dishes such as: Grilled chicken, black bamboo shoot chicken, bamboo-tube rice, Akay snakehead fish soup cake, Mang Den pepper hotpot, Mang Den sturgeon hotpot, Central dry pho…

In addition, you can buy Ngoc Linh Kon Tum ginseng, Dak Ha coffee, wild banana seeds, wild pepper, Mang Den wild myrtle wine, string ginseng, sour bamboo shoots… as gifts for friends and relatives.

Mang Den - 'Second Da Lat' amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

What do you need to prepare when you arrive? Mang Den?

Please check the weather before coming to Mang Den.

To limit ultraviolet rays to the lowest level, remember to bring sunscreen, a jacket, a hat… choose sports and trekking shoes with good adhesion; At the same time, bring insect repellant cream and high socks when going into the forest. Don’t forget to bring cotton shirts, gloves, etc. when going in the winter.

A trip to Mang Den will be perfect when you firmly grasp the information above. Wishing you the best experiences when coming to Mang Den.