The colors of October’s “fire spots”.


The flowers do not look weak like the Phoenix flowers, do not seem fragile like the Bang Lang flowers, nor do they fall on the sidewalk like the Hoang Yen flowers, but are full of vitality like a girl in her twenties. People on the street sometimes wonder, what kind of flower is so beautiful? And when did it appear in the mountain town of Kon Tum? Later I learned that it was the Hong Ky tree. People call it that because its flowers always look upright towards the sky, the petals fluttering in the wind like crimson flags flying proudly. The flower also has other names such as So Do Cam, Red Bell, Emperor, Phoenix Peak,… Each name evokes nobility and pride like the petals themselves. I like the name Red Bell flower, because looking at each blooming flower, like a tiny bell, is very adorable.


Red Bell Flower originates from the tropical humid rain forests of Western Africa. The flower is shaped like a Tu-lip, so the English name is African tulip-tree. The corolla is bell-shaped, hence the name. Its scientific name is Spathodea campanulata (campanulata means bell-shaped). Learning about Red Bell flowers, I know that this flower has been noticed and grown as an ornamental plant since the early 20th century in the West, then gradually developed in many Asian and Pacific countries, but it was not until 1998 that was imported to Vietnam, and first planted in Da Lat. The flower season lasts quite a long time, from October to February and March of the following year. The flowers are beautiful but last a long time, and do not fall off easily. In addition to creating shade and beautifying the landscape, many parts of the tree also have the ability to treat diseases. In its native West Africa, Red Bell flowers have long been used in traditional medicine for their unique effects: the bark heals wounds and burns, and the leaves are considered a broad-spectrum antibacterial, including against malaria, the tree’s wood is used to make paper pulp.


When the first Red Bell flowers appeared in the city, I was not very sympathetic. Perhaps because I have fallen in love with the beautiful Hoang Yen flower, the gentle Bang Lang flower, the graceful Do Mai flower and in my childhood memories, only those flower colors create the image of a foggy mountain town. romantic. Then the autumns came and the autumns passed, the Red Bell flower silently burned out, radiating a persistent vitality through many years, until the Red Bell flower entered memory. Then, when looking back, people realize that the Red Bell is part of a beautiful memory every autumn morning. When winter comes, the landscape is desolate, people feel nostalgic, lost in front of the trees that are now covered with green leaves and branches.


Someone passing by on the street can easily be drawn to the bright red Bell flowers, as if they want to burn the entire gloomy, pale, withered autumn. And from here, in the memories of Kon Tum’s students, in addition to the brilliance of the Phoenix flower, the loveliness of the Yellow Bird, the fragility of Bang Lang, there is also the pride of Hong Ky. As each autumn color passes, those orange flames flare up again, evoking many memories…

Ha Oanh

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