Traveling to the Central Highlands, check-in on 4 beautiful roads like scenes in Korean movies

Porcelain flower road, coniferous tree road, or wild sunflower road… are favorite photo spots of many young people when traveling to the Central Highlands.


Traveling to the Central Highlands, check-in on 4 beautiful roads like scenes from Korean movies

1. Road to Kon Tum Bishop’s Palace


Kon Tum Bishop’s Palace is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Kon Tum City, also known as “Kon Tum Missionary Seminary” with an architectural style that blends Western and traditional indigenous peoples to create its own unique features. special. If you are someone who likes to learn about history and culture, this is a place not to be missed when coming to the Central Highlands. Besides, the unforgettable impression for those who come here for the first time is the row of perennial porcelain flowers, giving off a gentle scent right at the entrance. To eliminate pests, the porcelain roots are whitewashed. When the leaves have not yet fallen, the shady trees cover the entire road. During the flower blooming season, this road becomes brilliant under the dark pink color of frangipani flowers, standing out against the clear blue sky.

2. Road to Chu Dang Ya volcano


About 30 km northeast of Pleiku city, wild sunflower hill at Chu Dang Ya volcano – a mountain that has been dormant for millions of years – is the most “hunted” spot for backpackers every time they come to Pleiku. From November onwards, the season of wildflowers blooming on both sides of the road at the foot of the volcano is the most beautiful time here. Compared to other places, wild sunflowers in Chu Dang Ya bloom later, but also wither later. In the last days of the year, you can ride your motorbike among the fragrant flowers with the characteristic scent of wild sunflowers, taking hundreds of photos in the romantic yellow sea.

3. Road around Gia Lai tea hill


Gia Lai tea hill is located on the northern bank of Bien Lake, about 13 km from Pleiku city center, in Chu Pah district, Gia Lai. Not as famous as the tea hills in Northern Vietnam, but the cool green scenery combined with the tree-lined path around the tea hill and the coniferous road leading back to Tonle Sap have captured the hearts of many people when there are opportunity to visit. You can slowly drive between the straight rows of pine trees on both sides of the road to Tonle Sap, enjoying the fresh, cool air of the great forest. At the end of the road are stone steps leading to the house in the middle of the lake, from here you can see the surrounding panorama.

4. Road to Mang Den – Kon Tum


Mang Den town in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province is also known as the land of “seven lakes, three waterfalls” because there are 7 lakes: Toong Ly Leng, Toong Ziu, Toong Zo Ri, Toong Sang, Toong Po, Toong Dam, Dak Ke and 3 waterfalls Pa Sy, Dak Ke, Dak Pne. Thanks to that, the air here is always cool and fresh, becoming an ideal place to avoid heat for people in the South. Many young people who are passionate about traveling are interested in riding a motorbike to Mang Den instead of going by car because you can leisurely stop right in the middle of the deserted road, passing through the rubber forest to take beautiful photos like American movie posters.