Recreational fishing – A popular type of eco-tourism in Kon Tum


One of the relaxing fishing service spots that attracts visitors in Kon Tum.

Instead of going to cafes on weekends with friends and relatives to chat, in recent years Kon Tum people have often chosen a gentle, less noisy form of relaxation: fishing. relaxation, sport fishing. Coming to places like this, we feel like we are living and immersing ourselves in the natural scenery of a rustic village… with fresh air and gentle scenery creating a gentle feeling of relaxation.

Although this type of tourism is not located in a pristine natural ecosystem that is preserved and exploited to serve human entertainment needs in the true sense of ecotourism. However, with the creativity of nature-loving business people, they have grasped the psychological needs of customers who need a reasonable green space, not too far away, taking a lot of time to prepare and travel, but still Having a quiet, comfortable space to rest and regain balance in life after working days, this service is considered a type of eco-tourism that partly meets the needs of people. Kon Tum people today.

Indeed, about 7-10 km from Kon Tum city center, eco-tourism areas for relaxing fishing or sport fishing in Ya Chim, Hoa Binh, Dak Cam… are designed on large, beautiful plots of land. , in a charming space that has attracted a large number of people from Kon Tum City to participate, especially on weekends or holidays, the number of participants increases dramatically if you do not call to make a reservation in advance. It is difficult to have an ideal seat as desired.

Visitors come here mainly in groups: family, friends or colleagues from the same office. They come not for the reason of fishing, but mainly to borrow a place with green, airy, cool space to have fun conversations with friends and relatives on an event or group anniversary. .

Young people love to participate in this type of tourism

The relaxation space in these places is quite impressive. Each tourist destination is designed by the owner with its own unique features on large lands, near fields or streams, creating a quiet, cool countryside landscape or close, pristine mountain forests. with humans.

The special point is that the above service points do not apply the form of renting rods or calculating fishing hours. Anyone can fish as much and for as long as they like… all are free, only taking fish to process or take home is considered. Sign for payment. The prices and food services are reasonable, so it not only attracts a large number of young people but also families with young children as an opportunity for their children to explore nature and learn more about country life.

But the most interesting thing is when enjoying the “results” processed into dishes with typical village flavors such as grilled fish, crispy fried fish, grilled chicken with salt and chili… while sipping and relaxing under the green trees. , by the cool lake and with friends and relatives enjoying happy moments of reunion…

Relaxing fishing tourism like the above is increasingly developed, because the business form is simple, does not require a lot of capital investment, and the economic efficiency is quite high compared to lake fish farming, so many people are interested in it. intends to build more ideal destinations to increasingly meet the rest and entertainment needs of visitors inside and outside the province.

With a growing population, the need for entertainment is increasing while many people cannot travel far, these eco-tourism destinations are ideal places for Kon Tum people to enjoy the atmosphere. Cool in the countryside and enjoy being surrounded by nature and plants. And the highlight of this type of tourism not only helps bring a sense of relaxation to people, but more importantly, it is a healthy business location that greatly contributes to preserving and protecting the natural environment./.

Tuong Lam