Some tourist attractions cannot be missed

nharongThe communal house is a unique cultural architecture of the Central Highlands people. The Rong House is where important events of the village take place such as: new rice celebration, village festivals, weddings, and meetings. The Rong house of each ethnic group has its own architecture, but no matter what the architecture is, the Rong house is still the most beautiful, largest house and has the most beautiful location in the village.

Rong houses are only found in villages in the Northern Central Highlands, especially in Gia Lai and Kon Tum provinces. Each village builds a large, beautifully decorated stilt house in the middle of the village called the Rong house. The Rong House is where important events take place: holidays, village festivals, weddings, prayer ceremonies and is the meeting place for the whole village, old, young, boys, girls… The Rong House of each ethnic group has its own characteristics. unique features in architecture, design, and decorative patterns. In general, the Rong house is still the largest house, usually three or four times the size of a normal house, with a sloping pointed roof and built on large tree pillars, usually eight pillars made of giant trees, straight and strong; The pointed roof is covered with bamboo leaves, dried carefully until golden.

The rafters are decorated with brightly colored religious patterns of worship, legendary stories of ancient heroes, stylized animals, objects, and daily life scenes close to people. village life. Prominent in the decoration of the Rong house is the image of the shining sun god. The bigger and more beautiful the Rong house is, the more it proves that the village is rich and strong.

Bac Ai Pagoda


Located at the corner of Mac Dinh Chi and Nguyen Gia Thieu streets, Kontum city, Bac Ai Pagoda was built in 1932, and was ordained by King Bao Dai as “The Four Bac Ai Pagodas”. Coming to Bac Ai Pagoda, tourists not only visit the beautiful scenery, but also discover many interesting things about the religious life of the people here.

Tay Nguyen Tomb House


According to the concept of the Bana people, tomb statues are to send people off to the next world. When people die, they continue to live in another world. They have a life of birth, sexual intercourse, entertainment and even animals. The tomb statue appears vividly, showing an ancient art. Can be classified into 3 groups of statues: human world; animals close to humans such as elephants, dogs, buffaloes, cows… and community activities such as sports and hunting. The ritual of demolishing huts and building houses is done in the spring (dry season) and is considered a festival (Grave Abandonment Ceremony). People gather outside the cemetery with wine, meat and offerings with the meaning of sharing enjoyment with the deceased.


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