Autumn night in the mountain town

Late October evening, quickly wearing a thin scarf, walking alone along the banks of the Dak Bla River, the river surface was peaceful, drifting lazily as if contemplating something. Kon Tum people are very proud of their Dak Bla, no matter where they are, they will say that “My hometown has a river that flows backwards…”. Dak Bla River originates from the northeast of Kon Tum, passes through new waterfalls and passes with a majestic appearance, then hugs around the foot of the hill, returning to the city, wearing a gentle, graceful appearance. For many generations, in the Kon Tum ethnic community, the story “The Eight Immortals pass through the sea” has been passed down. In the past, fairies played chess on Ya Ly waterfall (now Mang La village of the Ba Na people, Ngoc Bay commune, Kon Tum city), then went on excursions to visit the scenery along this beautiful river and the beautiful places. The fairies “pass through the sea” which is the section of the Dak Bla river passing through Kon Tum city. On autumn afternoons, the sunset dyes the river pink, then the sun seems to fall, hiding in the sparkling water.

Sunset on Dak Bla river

As dusk had just ended, the riverbank was quickly filled with bright lights from hundreds of cafes along the embankment. The Dak Bla River does not have the leisurely look of the Perfume River, nor is it “silent yet fierce” like the Red River, but is just quiet enough to feel peaceful, and deep enough for people to reflect and reflect on life. me. Sitting on the embankment, sipping a few drops of thick, fragrant coffee, there’s really nothing better. As it gets late at night, the beauty of the Dak Bla river becomes even more captivating, the mist lightly covers the river surface like a very thin chiffon veil, it is as quiet as a sheet, there is no wind but you can feel the cold taste passing by, permeating. gradually into the skin. I suddenly remembered these verses I read a long time ago:

Dak Bla Dak Bla line

Still embracing the town

Like mountains embracing clouds

Like clouds embracing mountains

Like your arms

Soothing, soothing…

Dak Bla stream

Over the years, I have stepped on many rivers and streams, but I have never stopped loving my Dak Bla stream. Dak Bla is a part of time’s green memories, a place where small but extremely delicate emotions are imprinted. The cold seeped into my thin scarf, I squared my shoulders, sipped some more bitter coffee, rich in flavor, feeling at peace.

The autumn night is chilly on Dak Bla river

From the banks of the Dak Bla River, I walked along the small streets and realized: My mountain town has entered Autumn, with the winds, with the gentle sunshine like silk, with the mists covering the slopes, and with the …the passionate, seductive Hoa Sua nights. Sua flowers have appeared in many songs and poems, becoming a characteristic feature of autumn, intertwined in many people’s memories, because of their very unique appearance.

All year round, green Sua Hoa trees stand on the side of the road, spreading their branches and leaves to shade passersby. Da Lan, Jasmine, Tra Mi, Laurel… all give off their fragrance at night. How many people remember what season these flowers bloom in, and do they have any characteristics? But when Sua Hoa blooms its first flowers, sending a faint fragrance to the wind, permeating people’s hearts with the thought: Autumn is here somewhere. Holding the Milk Flower petals in your hands, how adorable and petite is that? Is it because of the passionate fragrance, because the flower color is as white as milk? Or is it because every time you press your fingers, the tree secretes white sap? That’s why people call it milk flower?

Milk flowers on Phan Chu Trinh street

The fragrance of Sua Sua at the beginning of the season is as gentle as the Autumn breeze, gently creeping into the ao dai of the little student standing under the tree. So when you get home, gently pick up the beautiful flower petals still on your shirt or hat, you can still feel the sweet smell lingering. Milk flowers are planted a lot on Nguyen Hue, Tran Phu, Phan Dinh Phung, Hung Vuong, etc. But for me, perhaps the most beautiful milk flower street is Phan Chu Trinh, only about 3 km short but straight, Occasionally there is a slight gentle slope. On an autumn night, the road is filled with the scent of Hoa Sua, the surrounding landscape seems to be marinated in the passionate scent of flowers, visitors suddenly find the memories are endless, like dreams and reality. And that scent has the power to spread very far, weaving in the hair and clothes of passersby, leaving people still confused and nostalgic at night. For me, every season of Hoa Sua reminds me of my stupid student days:

At fifteen, I grow up every day

One morning, I suddenly became a young woman

I still remember that autumn day

Sua flowers are fragrant and fragrant by the lake

First love has the scent of autumn

The smell of Sua Hoa in my shirt and hair

First love seems to be inseparable

Yet it vanishes in the fragile wind and mist

(Nguyen Phan Hach)


Even though the days of blooming didn’t last long, then falling down again, Hoa Sua burned with all its might, bringing its passionate fragrance to all directions, keeping in everyone’s memories of the cold autumn nights in the mountain town. , fragile like a dream. I still love the mountain town in my own way, love the cold, foggy autumn nights on the Dak Bla River, love the passionate, sweet scent of Hoa Sua on Phan Chu Trinh Street, love every corner of the road. of my childhood.

Ha Oanh