The ‘best things’ in 28 days through Vietnam

The funniest experience was that Thuong wanted to have quiet time to rest, but booked a hotel near Bui Vien West Street.

9X girl Thuong Dang, living in Hanoi, just had a 28-day trip across Vietnam, departing on June 12 and ending on July 7. She went through 31 provinces and cities, to two islands Ly Son – Phu Quy, traveling 3,407 km. The cost for the trip including transportation and accommodation is 30 million VND. Thuong’s work is mainly done online, so she brings her laptop while traveling.

A Hanoi girl's journey through Vietnam.

A Hanoi girl’s journey through Vietnam.

The journey of a 9X female tourist went through Hanoi – Hoa Binh – Thanh Hoa – Nghe An – Ha Tinh – Quang Binh – Quang Tri – Hue – Da Nang – Quang Nam – Quang Ngai – Kon Tum – Gia Lai – Dong Nai – Binh Dinh – Phu Yen – Khanh Hoa – Ninh Thuan – Binh Thuan – Dong Nai – Binh Duong – Ho Chi Minh City – Long An – Tien Giang – Ben Tre – Tra Vinh – Soc Trang – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau – Hau Giang – Can Tho – Vinh Long – Tien Giang. After that, she returned to Ho Chi Minh City, sent her motorbike to Hanoi by train, and then flew back.

During the journey, Thuong was lucky to not encounter any trouble or danger. In return, she has the opportunity to meet strange but cute and kind people across the country.

When arriving in Vinh, Thuong stopped by the grave of President Ho Chi Minh’s mother. On the way to the grave, she met a street vendor who offered to buy some. “Wearing a 7kg backpack and having just climbed hundreds of steps, I was so tired that I sat down. I confided to the street vendor that I was traveling through Vietnam. So the two of us sat and talked for a while. After that, I bought him a nail clipper for 10,000 VND. Yet he insisted on giving me a package of toothpicks and a paper fan. Uncle told me to fan myself along the way to keep cool,” Thuong said about her first memory with a stranger that touched her.

When passing through Cam Chau and Hoi An, she went to buy a bottle of eye drops to reduce drowsiness while traveling. The seller asked Thuong where he was going. After that, he also gave her some advice when backpacking and gave her a box of Oresol to rehydrate her for long-distance travel to reduce fatigue. “The eye drop bottle only costs 4,000 VND, but she gave me a box of Oresol for 60,000 VND.”

Arriving in Hau Giang, when it was about to rain, she stopped at a sticky rice shop along the road. The shop owner was surprised to hear that she was traveling from North to South, so he brought her a bowl of sticky rice filled with meat. The listed price was 15,000 VND, but the owner only took her 10,000 VND and gave her a bottle of mineral water. Before she left, the shop owner also told her that if it rained, she should remember to find shelter, and “remember to turn here when you come back.”

During the 28 days of backpacking, Thuong realized that Hoi An was the most beautiful city in the country. “It is a place with nostalgia and gentle beauty. The discolored windows are dotted with bougainvillea flowers fluttering in the wind on a quiet morning. The scenery is beautiful and poetic,” Thuong explained.

Thuong took souvenir photos in Hoi An.

Thuong took souvenir photos in Hoi An.

For her, the most livable city is Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. Here, the sea is beautiful, the sky is clear, the food is delicious, and the hotels are cheap and beautiful. She remembers the most the last moment of the day, sitting with her best friend at Xep beach, the wind blowing through her hair and looking at the calm, clear blue water. It was one of the most beautiful scenes she had ever experienced in her life. The South Central coastal road is the most beautiful road and the most favorite dish is to enjoy all kinds of delicious – nutritious – cheap seafood along the Vietnamese coast.

Thuong’s most memorable experiences include turning on the speakers and singing loudly, shouting “I love Vietnam” on empty coastal roads; SUP rowing in Nha Trang; watching coral and red sunset on Phu Quy island; eat lobster in the middle of the sea; eat Ca Mau crab…

The funniest experience was that she wanted to have quiet time to rest, but booked a hotel near Bui Vien West Street, one of the noisiest places in Ho Chi Minh City. The scariest memory was when she encountered a storm and hail in the Central Highlands. Thuong went to the Central Highlands during the rainy season, so he couldn’t fully explore the vast beauty. She hopes to have the opportunity to return. The most unfortunate miss on this trip was that she did not have time to trek Ta Nang – Phan Dung palace and reach the An Giang tea su cajuput forest.

This trip has been cherished by Thuong for 5 years. Before that, she had many short trips to the northern mountainous provinces. “This is my first trip across Vietnam, and I honestly don’t think I can go again, because it’s very difficult to arrange work. For those who are passionate about traveling, traveling through Vietnam is like an important milestone in life that everyone wants to have. I am no exception,” Thuong said.

Initially, when they learned that their daughter planned to cross Vietnam by motorbike, Thuong’s parents were quite worried because she was going alone, and her friends supported her. “I go alone, but in any province or city, friends welcome me. So I’m hardly ever alone,” Thuong said.

To have a successful trip beyond her expectations, in addition to her own efforts, she received help from many people. Many local people guided her to delicious restaurants. Thuong’s friends were willing to join her on a short journey at the place she visited. They welcomed her with the enthusiasm, excitement and disinterest of youth. There were even friends who took 10 days off to travel with her around the coastal roads. “Having them come with me to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food makes my trip more complete.”

Thuong Dang took photos in Ca Mau. :

Thuong Dang took photos in Ca Mau. :

When sharing advice for those who want to travel across Vietnam in the near future, Thuong said: “be patient.” Because patience and nurturing your dreams will help you achieve everything you want, like Thuong. At the end of her dream journey, in addition to satisfying her wish to see her beautiful country, Thuong said she has never stopped being grateful for the kindness she met along the way, the friends. “And I always thank myself for always being resilient and trying,” the Hanoi girl said.