Tea Prong Waterfall – peaceful destination

Tea Prong Waterfall in Dak Chum 2 village, Tu Mo Rong commune, Tu Mo Rong district is an address that has just been discovered, but has left an impression on experience enthusiasts.


It was the peak of the scorching sun, and the highland sky was so dry that it seemed to dry up every small stream. Fortunately, the road to Tu Mo Rong commune seems to soften under the shade of the forest. The small dirt road from Highway 40 through the commune leads to the foot of Tea Prong waterfall, nestled among the forest trees, bringing a feeling of quiet, occasionally hearing the sound of water in the distance. This season, the waterfall has narrowed, but the water still flows quietly. The feeling of clarity and peace makes everyone surprised.

Tea Prong Waterfall is the place that carries water for daily life of the people of Dak Chum 2 village and some neighboring villages. Not associated with legends or legendary stories, Tea Prong is simply the name of the waterfall that has been called by local people for a long time. Because it is formed on steep terrain and has many locations forming different water levels, it is also called a “multi-layer” waterfall.

Surrounding the waterfall are fields and fields of local people. All create a cool, fresh space. “My grandparents and parents used to do a lot of farming, but they did not clear the forest indiscriminately. In places with waterfalls, do not destroy trees. Now, children, grandchildren, and villagers alike, have to keep the forest to make the waterfall more beautiful…” – said Ms. Y Deng, a resident of Dak Chum 2 village, Tu Mo Rong commune.

Tea Prong Waterfall - peaceful destination
Tea Prong waterfall is peaceful. Photo: TN

In 2019, Tea Prong waterfall was identified as a destination in the orientation of developing eco-tourism associated with community tourism, as a basis for connecting with tourist destinations of the types of historical tourism and agricultural tourism. industry… in the district.

The groundbreaking initiative was assigned by the District People’s Committee to the Tu Mo Rong District Youth Union, with a focus on registering a “youth project”, building the Tea Prong waterfall area into an eco-tourism destination. Youth union members in the district contributed hundreds of days of work to pave roads, clear ground, and gather bamboo and trees; Build 3 huts to welcome guests, 3 temporary bridges across the stream and install swings, tables and chairs. In addition, 1 toilet and 10 garbage baskets were also put into use. In mid-April 2019, this youth project was completed. According to Ms. Y Huong – Secretary of Tu Mo Rong District Youth Union, initially, visitors were only people from the commune and district, then it attracted people from within. province, outside the province. Not only on holidays and Tet, but on weekends, many young people come to visit and enjoy.

However, to build Tea Prong waterfall into a real tourist destination, the efforts of young people in recent times are still not enough. The survey and preparation of documents to build this place into one of the tourist destinations of Tu Mo Rong district are being urgently carried out. Initially, more than 21 hectares of natural forest were zoned to serve forest management and protection requirements associated with exploiting waterfall tourist attractions; Of which, the core area is nearly 8 hectares.

If properly invested, Tea Prong waterfall will contribute to helping the commune exploit its potential to form and develop tourism to increase income, improve the lives of local ethnic minorities, opening up a new way to exploit Attractive and interesting destination for tourists from near and far.