Kon K’tu – Peaceful beside Dak Bla river

More than 10 km east of Kon Tum city center, Kon Tum province, upstream of Dak Bla river, Kon K’tu village of more than 100 Ba Na ethnic minority households is as beautiful as a picture with harmony. rivers, mountains and hills. Anyone who comes to Kon K’tu is impressed by the hospitality of the people in the village, especially the peace here. To maintain that peace, the people of Kon K’tu have promoted the role of each individual in participating in ensuring community security and order. This is an important factor for Kon K’tu to be a bright spot in maintaining security and order of Dak Ro Wa commune and Kon Tum city for many years.

12.20.13Communal house of Kon K’tu cultural village

For many years, every early morning on the first Monday of the week, Kon K’tu people gather in front of the Rong House to perform the ceremony of saluting the national flag.

After the flag-raising ceremony, the village chief quickly informed people about the week’s labor and production situation and new announcements from the commune government.

An indispensable content in the flag-raising ceremonies at the beginning of the week is the security and order situation of the village. Here, the good deeds of each individual are praised by village elders and village chiefs. Any family where husband and wife quarrel or get drunk will be warned. Thanks to regularly maintaining this form, Kon K’tu village has built each member’s self-awareness in participating in maintaining rural security and order. Mr. A Dung, Party Secretary of Kon K’tu village said: “The flag raising ceremony on Monday morning, the village deputy and the village people’s security team organized, thoroughly grasped and propagated to the people. about the political security situation, order and safety of the village. From then on, people became aware of and participated with the security team to protect the political security situation and order and safety of the village.”

To protect the property of the people in the village and maintain order and security in the village, Kon K’tu village established 4 security groups, each consisting of 10 to 12 people. These security teams are responsible for taking turns guarding and patrolling at night, maintaining order whenever the village has tourists visiting and when the village holds meetings or festivals.

Mr. A Dol, Chairman of the Dak Ro Wa Commune Veterans Association, a member of Kon K’tu village, said: Promoting the tradition of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, the village’s 8 veteran members are families who actively participate. the most diligent in maintaining village security. Along with directing their children and grandchildren to join the village’s security groups, the veterans themselves actively propagate and mobilize villagers not to listen or believe the words of bad people. Everyone in the village understands that De Ga’s gospel or Ha Mon’s evil religion are both reactionary and malicious, wanting to deceive and divide the great unity between brotherly ethnic groups. Mr. A Dol, shared: “Propagiate and mobilize people to regularly protect the village and protect the people. Make sure not to let bad people instigate or entice anyone to follow the evil Ha Mon religion. Children of veterans must be exemplary leaders for young people.”

Promoting the important role of women in the Ba Na family, Kon K’tu village women pay great attention to teaching their children to voluntarily comply with the village’s wishes and the State’s laws through activities Specifically, when riding a motorbike on the street, you must wear a helmet, do not speed, pass recklessly, do not gather in groups or have rude behavior with strangers. Ms. Y Thuy, a villager, said: “The women of KonK’tu village raise their children in a good family and tell their husbands not to drink too much. When there are strangers, promptly notify the police or the commune authorities. Security and order in Kon K’tu village is very good.”

Thanks to a combination of educational measures, persuasion, and the use of community opinion to change behavior, some individuals in Kon K’tu village used to often get drunk and unable to control their behavior. The time has changed markedly, typically A Kan and A Boi.

After many years of maintaining self-management groups and groups, village security and building self-awareness of each village community member in maintaining village order. Now, the villagers of Kon K’tu village do not need to lock their doors every time they go to the fields. Motorbikes and valuable items cannot be stored at night and there is no need to worry about theft.

Along with the beautiful scenery, many cultural identities of the Ba Na people, such as gongs, buffalo eating festival, new rice celebration… are also preserved by the Kon K’tu people, another specialty that is also very unique to Kon K’tu makes everyone surprised when coming here, it is the village order with lovely rustic people. Teacher Nguyen Thi Hop, teacher at Nguyen Thai Binh Primary School, said: “When the school was assigned to Kon K’tu village, I really liked it even though it was far away. Traveling can be twice or three times as far as the main school, but I still like to come here because of the order, order and security here. Students here also love their teachers very much. In other villages, young people often go to schools to play. The teachers have a hard time keeping order, but Kon K’tu village does not have this situation. Even when the villagers organize festivals, they don’t come out to play.”

With over 100 households, more than 600 people, most of them follow Christianity with the motto “Good life, good religion”, “Respect God and patriotism” and promote the role and responsibility of each individual to the community. , Kon K’tu became a bright spot of Dak Ro Wa commune, of Kon Tum city in the mass movement to protect and preserve rural security and order. The village achieved the title of Provincial Cultural Village right from the first recognition of Kon Tum province. Recognizing the village’s achievements in the movement of all people participating in protecting national security, political security, social order and safety, authorities at all levels and functional branches awarded many Certificates of Merit and Certificates of Merit to the village.

Tuong Lam

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