“Disgusted” with the beauty of the muse Mang Den

The muse of Mang Den – Kon Tum is likened to the second Da Lat, because this place is also a plateau with valleys, immense pine forests, and a somewhat sad and romantic beauty. But Mang Den has very unique beauty that does not mix with any other place, sometimes even making Da Lat ‘frustrated’.


More than 50km from Kon Tum town, Mang Den town is located at an altitude of over 1,000m above sea level with a climate that is always cool and fresh among the vast, pristine green pine forests. Traveling from Kon Tum to Mang Den will be a great choice for those who are passionate about exploring and want to mingle with nature.


The main traffic axis to Mang Den is covered with mist

Mang Den national eco-tourism area is known to Kon Tum tourists as an ideal resort paradise. Amid thousands of pine trees and forest flowers, Mang Den is always cold and quiet in the middle of the forest.

Pine forest

The road in Mang Den seems to lead to a fairyland

In the early mornings, when the pine hills are still sleepy, you can stand here and watch the sun gradually rise, glowing red in the sky. Drops of morning dew gently fell from the pine canopy onto the road. The scene at this time is truly poetic and lyrical.

Pine forest

The pine forest is covered in morning mist

Coming to Mang Den, the “second Da Lat” of the Central Highlands, you will stroll on romantic roads with cool green pine forests on both sides, inhale the scent of wild orchids, the smell of pine resin and listen to the sounds of birds. echoing in the forest.

Black bamboo shoots

Black bamboo shoots are surrounded by primeval forest

The scenery here is wild and rustic, making you feel comfortable and all your fatigue seems to disappear. In Mang Den, you can also visit Kon Tum tourist area, Dak Ke lake, Pa Sy waterfall, Lo Ba, Toong Dam lake, Toong Zori, Toong Po… beautiful and pristine lakes that make everyone fall in love. .

Mang Den

Beautiful peaceful scene by the lake


Peaceful houses in Mang Den


The rolling green grasslands with herds of cattle leisurely grazing are so peaceful

Black bamboo shoots

The wild beauty of Mang Den


Sunset spreads purple smoke across Mang Den valley

If in Da Lat people are “familiar” with Datanla waterfall or Dambri waterfall, local people here are also proud to call Pa Sy waterfall by name, because of its gentle beauty like a stream of hair in the middle of its vast mountains. Pa Sy waterfall is the largest of the three waterfalls in this area. The waterfall is like a fairy’s hair hidden in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, pouring down from a 40m high peak, creating a white mist of water below. Around the waterfall are leaf huts for tourists, adding to the majestic beauty of this place.

Pa Sy Waterfall

Pa Sy Waterfall is as beautiful as a strip of silk

Another interesting destination in Mang Den is the Statue Garden. Just passing through the gate of Pa Sy tourist area, you will be impressed with the rich primeval forests here and the statue gardens with many extremely special works sculpted by human hands.

Wooden statue

The statue garden is equal to many very special works sculpted by human hands.

These wooden statues are brought to life by artisans in many different shades, vividly recreating the cultural life of indigenous people with statues of mothers carrying children, people gathering to drink can wine, go to the fields, and weave cloth. or special festivals such as buffalo eating ceremony, grave leaving ceremony…

Wooden statue

Gathered in a primeval forest in Mang Den – Kon Plong (Kon Tum) are hundreds of wooden statues sculpted by the rustic hands of artisans from the villages of Ba Na, Brau, Gie – Trieng, Xo Dang, Gia Rai, Ro Mam.

Coming to Mang Den tourist area, you can learn about the traditional cultural living space of the Mo Nam people in Kon Tu Rang village. Learn how to make common household items from bamboo and rattan or see how people make can wine…


Explore Mang Den cuisine

In addition, don’t forget to enjoy the cuisine here, because just a piece of bamboo-tube rice with grilled wild chicken, or the delicious Mang Den roasted pork dish with a cup of wine will make you sob. There’s no fancy seafood, no 5-star restaurant space, but the food here is incredibly attractive.


Flowers bloom in four seasons in Mang Den

Cherry blossom

Every spring, cherry blossoms bloom in the middle of the Mang Den mountains and forests.

Sim flowers

Purple Sim

Sim flowers

In April, purple myrtle flowers bloom all over the hillsides

Purple phoenix

Romantic purple poinciana flowers in Mang Den

If you are passionate about Da Lat because of its poetic places and its slightly sad beauty, but are sometimes bored because… it’s too crowded, especially on holidays or summer, then Mang Den is the place for you. should come.