Carry your backpack… go without a plan

Travel by booking a package tour to remote destinations to ensure travel and accommodation conditions. However, often such a tour falls into the situation of “ten people, ten opinions” and tour units often have to ensure the time and destination according to the schedule. Therefore, picking up your backpack and going wherever you want is truly an unpredictable journey that brings us surprises.

Carry your backpack...go without a plan
Lam Vien Square, Dalat

I go to Da Lat many times a year, because the tourist attractions are so familiar, I just get in the car and go, and that’s why I discovered a completely different Da Lat, a Da Lat on foot. . One time I kept driving to Ta Nung without knowing what was there. Then we met the buckwheat flower garden at Van Duc Pagoda. I continued walking and came across a sunflower garden that the owner left for visitors because the flowers bloomed late. On an unscheduled trip, I looked at the hydrangea garden while looking for a rose garden in Trai Mat. I got lost in the middle of the beautiful pink space during the Cherry Blossom season in Lac Duong.

Of course, everyone has their own way to enjoy their trip, but I personally enjoy renting a motorbike, opening the navigation on my phone and starting to go. Last time, when I went to Sa Pa on a tour, I only knew about Fan Xi Pang street and Sa Pa church area. Coming back, I booked myself a hotel on Muong Hoa Street after looking online, and rented a motorbike for the journey… to go wherever I wanted. Therefore, I explored beautiful golden rice fields, passed through unexpected villages and had a delicious meal with banh chicken and grilled pork without planning in advance. I also tried to get to the ancient stone field and follow the gentle slope to the legendary Muong Hoa river, where people say that there are pebbles of promise, whoever picks them up and gives them to the person they love will win a relationship. That love lasts forever.

Carry your backpack...go without a plan
Moc Chau
Carry your backpack...go without a plan
Sa Pa

You and I have unscheduled trips. And when they come to a place, a new land, sometimes just a village in the sunny afternoon, children run around in the ripe golden rice fields, or drop into an unfamiliar house, together. Sitting on a mat spread out on the porch drinking a delicious cup of tea is fun. I suddenly hired a taxi to go to Kon Ko Tu village in Kon Tum, then went into each house, watching the slope with the indigenous people diligently going to the river to carry water, seeing the students going home after school. in the innocent afternoon sunlight.

Carry your backpack...go without a plan
Ethnic village in Kon Tum

Those are beautiful homeland pictures. Then I diligently rented a car to go to Quang Ba flower village, Hanoi just to see the flowers. I climbed a hill during the misty journey in Da Lat just to see the snow grass. And also the curiosity when encountering a wooden sign with the words: “You didn’t take anything from me but the photos. You left me nothing but footprints” in Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Then at dawn in Quang Binh, we squeezed into the fish market to listen to the normal hustle and bustle, curiously climbed up to Luy Thay Citadel, which is now a ruin, and decided to rent a car to go to Tam Toa Church located on the Nhat Le River, which is now just a ruin. patchy strawberry tank.

Carry your backpack...go without a plan
Pier to Ha Tien in Phu Quoc
Carry your backpack...go without a plan
Phu Quoc

Pick up your backpack and go. The journeys are sometimes with just a motorbike on the Cam Ranh – Vinh Hy route or cross Khanh Le pass dozens of times, then Phuong Hoang pass. Coming to Buon Don during the tamarind season because there are a lot of tamarind trees grown here, continuing to the tomb of Elephant King Khun Ju Nop, we saw a sad autumn forest with bare branches and vast red grass, startled because there were only leaves of the snake plant. Big and still green as if wanting to shade people. Go, wade into the Se Re Poc river to meet ethnic girls innocently splashing in the water or stay in a stilt house for a night, to listen to the great wind blowing through hundreds of dreams. Or be amazed by Hue’s streets with so many unknown tree species, rent a cart and visit Tran Cao Van street just to eat Nam cake, Banh beo, tapioca cake, mussel rice, beef noodle soup and Hue sweet soup. . Or look on Google and find a Hue garden house to learn that when the owner passes away, the plants in the garden also have to wear mourning scarves.

These journeys will pass. And look forward to another trip. Pick up your backpack and keep going…