Homestay Mang Den has a beautiful, peaceful view

Mang Den The place is known as the second Da Lat of the Central Highlands. Completely different from Da Lat, this place is not crowded and wild, a peaceful place according to its standards. Because there are few tourists, mainly backpackers or people who love quiet and peaceful, come here Homestay in Mang Den also not popular

I had to try and dig around to find some homestay in Mang Den The quality is like distilled water for your reference, I think it’s okay to see, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

Homestay Sum Villa Mang Den

Homestay Sum Villa is one of the most beautiful homestays in Mang Den. The beautiful little villa is located in the middle of a large garden, with lots of flowers and plants. This is the most worth staying at Mang Den homestay.

homestay in Mang Den Located near tourist attractions such as DakKe Lake, Pa Sy Waterfall and other locations not far away. The host here is very enthusiastic, thoughtful and very friendly so you can feel free to ask anything.

There are also services:

  • Motorbike rental: 120k/day (Don’t worry about finding a motorbike)
  • Eat and drink like at home: 40k/person/meal

Very good room price:

Dorm room for 6 people is 100/person. Room for 2 people is 260k/day, double room for 4 people is 360k/day

Homestay Sum Villa Mang Den This hotel will give you a cozy and friendly feeling with neat, clean rooms and beautiful views.


Hotline: 0963 220 266 (Click on number to call)

Book link:

Address: Tourist Road No. 1, Mang Den Village, Konplong District, Kontum Province.

black bamboo shoot hometay

Homestay Mo Nam is right next to the statue of the Virgin Mary

Homestay of Ms. Lim – The traditional Mo Nam woman is right next to the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows Mang Den. The house is built entirely of pine wood, in the middle there is a communal house of the Mo Nam people. The communal house, in the middle of the house, is the place for cultural activities of the people Mo Nam

Inside Homestay Mang Den This place displays many specialties, including can wine, black sticky rice, and bamboo tube rice.

The price of these rooms is usually 100,000 VND/person.

You can try to experience wearing clothes of the Mo Nam ethnic group.

Phone: 0387112843 (Click on number to call)

Address: Kon Bring Village, Mang Den, Kon Tum

black bamboo shoot homestay

Toki Homestay Mang Den

Homestay Great resort, beautiful house, beautiful new clean rooms, enthusiastic staff, delicious food.

A set of outdoor furniture, a cup of hot chocolate, a good book, a cool breeze caressing your skin and gentle sunshine, that’s enough to feel peaceful.

The homestay has a very beautiful design with meticulous decor. Small details are very important to bring a sense of comfort to the residents. Many virtual living corners.

Address: Dak Ke Lake, Mang Den Ecotourism Area, Kong Plong, Kon Tum

Phone: 097 190 66 88

Homestay Toki black bamboo shoots

Beautiful homestay in Mang Den

VietNam Phuot Homestay Kon Tum

This Mang Den Homestay is also quite famous. Many people say that this is not a place to stay, but a real home. The host is an enthusiastic, friendly, hospitable uncle.

Convenient location so you can easily move to other tourist destinations in Kon Tum Mang Den.

The room is very clean, the rooms are designed in a modern, warm style. In particular, around the house are planted many squares of vegetables, fruits and flowers, so the atmosphere is always peaceful and strangely pleasant.

The green canopy spreads coolness throughout the house so you can feel the cool breeze whether it is a hot afternoon or a dark sunset.


Hotline: 090 275 92 04 (Click on number to call)

Address: 485/3 Pham Van Dong, Tran Hung Dao, Kon Tum.

Booking link:


Vietnam homestay backpacking with black bamboo shoots in Kon Tum

Vietnam homestay backpacking with black bamboo shoots in Kon Tum

Vuon Thu Homestay in Kon Tum

Vuon Thu Homestay in Kontum There is an old house and secret garden that is more than 100 years old. A truly green homestay You will feel like you are immersed in nature, the fresh air creates a comfortable feeling

Everything in the autumn garden makes you feel light and simple in an indescribable way. Many people consider this a 100% green homestay because trees and leaves are present everywhere.

The rooms at Vuon Thu homestay are very clean, neat, and fully equipped. The room price is quite good with a capacity of about 25 – 50 people.


Booking link:

Hotline: 0905115351 (Mr. Duc – Autumn Garden)

Address: 16 Mai Xuan Thuong, Nguyen Trai Ward, Kon Tum

Kon Tum Garden Homestay

Kon Tum Garden Homestay

Sapphire Homestay in Mang Den

If you want to find a place to stay in the mountains and forests in a stilt house with the people, this is the one homestay in Mang Den for you.

The house is designed with a typical stilt house architecture, surrounded by many fruit trees typical of the Central Highlands such as bananas, jackfruit, star fruit… so the space is quite cool.

Here there is always wine, tea, coffee, food, etc. to serve you. Sitting in the homestay in the morning, admiring the rolling hills and mountains and the bright morning sunlight of the plateau, there’s nothing better than that.


Hotline: 090 579 34 89 (Click on number to call)

Address: Konk’tu village, Dakrowa commune, Kon Tum city

jade kontum homestay

The Color of Black Bamboo Homestay

The Color of Black Bamboo Homestay with a typical stilt house design of the Central Highlands region. Everything is simple to create a comfortable feeling, the room is clean.

Around the house, many types of trees are planted to create a green and airy space. It will be an ideal place to stay for you.


Hotline: 097 620 81 32

Address: National Highway 24 – Mang Den, Kong Plong, Kon Tum province

homestay in Bamboo Den

Tu Do homestay

This homestay does not have much advertising so there is not much information. But I also summarize it for your reference. If you have any experience, please give some information in the comments below

Address: Lot 11, Highway 24, Mang Den Village, Dak Long Commune, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

Phone: 098 814 06 96 (Click on number to call)

free homestay black bamboo shoots kon tum

Above are some Mang Den homestay You can refer to it when traveling to Mang Den. Hope you will choose a homestay in Mang Den that you like and have a fun trip with relatives, friends, and family! with many interesting experiences

A cool, fresh land, a true vacation.