Golden Boutique Hotel – Symphony of the great Mang Den

Get away from the noisy streets. To the deserted land, I give you peace. Located in the heart of Mang Den town, KonPlong district, Kon Tum province, there is a place of convergence and blending of the quintessence of heaven and earth in the lyrical highlands. Like the delicate symphony of the great Mang Den, Golden Boutique Hotel always knows how to pamper guests in its own unique way.

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3D panoramic view of Golden Boutique Hotel.

It is the first 4-star hotel in Mang Den eco-tourism area with a scale of 4,000 m2, possessing “luxury” standard equipment. Standing out among the mountains and forests of Kon Tum is the classic, royal, and noble beauty of Boutique Hotel architecture.

The system of 63 rooms is both private and high-class amenities, designed close to nature so that each room is surrounded by majestic, poetic mountain and forest scenery. Guests can freely choose their favorite room types such as Grande Suite, Deluxe Room, Executive Deluxe, …

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3D perspective of hotel lobby.

A beautiful harmony between Western luxury and class and the poetic Asian beauty of Indochine interior style. The main neutral color tones combined with modern motifs skillfully bring Vietnamese identity to life and elevate the project to a new aesthetic standard.

Bringing a rich and unique resort experience with a series of special amenities: enjoy a new feeling of relaxation with an outdoor warm water swimming pool, freely chill with Live coffee, and famous landscapes such as Statue of Our Lady of Mang Den, Kon Bring cultural village, Amazon Farm, Dak Ke lake, Pa Sy waterfall,…

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3D perspective of the hotel’s restaurant and coffee shop.

There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up in a wild, pure place like a fairy tale. Let the cold, fresh air of the highlands fill your chest. Let the sound notes that only belong to the great thousand Mang Den fill your mind.

Golden Boutique Hotel is the elegant, romantic piece for your wonderful vacation, because the wonderful experiences here will become a happy and priceless memory.