Top 8 super cute Mang Den homestays for ‘dreamers’

Mang Den (Kon Tum) does not have many accommodation options, but if there is one, everything is good. Let’s take a look at some extremely cute Mang Den homestays with super cheap prices in Kon Tum for your upcoming trip.

Top 8 super-loving Mang Den homestays for ‘dreamers’

Primeval forests cover everywhere, the climate is cool all year round with many scenic lakes and waterfalls, making you feel lost in a “resort paradise” when coming to Mang Den. When you come here, don’t forget list 8 Mang Den homestay Very cool and super cute below.

1. Toki

As a house with an attic, as beautiful as a charming, dreamy lady in the middle of a pine forest and from the window overlooking a calm lake, Toki Mang Den has become a favorite stop for young people. I like coming to the mountains and pine forests.

Toki is Mang Den homestay That those who want to go and escape definitely cannot miss. Whenever you want to slow down, calm down and listen to your own feelings, Toki Mang Den will definitely not disappoint you.


Address: Mang Den eco-tourism area, Dakke Lake, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

Phone number: 0989639901

2. Le Plateau

Very few villas in Mang Den are carefully and thoroughly cared for, with lush green trees and hundreds of blooming flowers like Le Plateau Hostel Mang Den. Coming to Le Plateau Mang Den, the first thing you feel is cleanliness and warmth. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay. And yet, the hospitality and enthusiasm of the staff at Le Plateau will help you feel here like your second home.


Address: Highway 24, Dak Long, Kon Plong

Phone number: 0917392444

3. Aries

As one of the few homestays that meet the criteria of beautiful, cheap, comfortable, and clean in Mang Den, Bach Duong homestay is loved and sought after by many young people. Bach Duong homestay is very easy to find, located in the middle of the Mang Den pine forest, so when you come here you will feel a very pleasant atmosphere.


Address: AH132, Dak Long, Kon Plong

Phone number: 02602474888

4. Sum Villa

Sum Villa is one of the most beautiful homestays in Mang Den. The beautiful little villa is located in the middle of a large garden, with lots of flowers and plants. Sum Villa is located near tourist attractions such as Dak Ke lake, Pa Sy waterfall… Here, the host is very enthusiastic, thoughtful and very friendly so you can feel free to ask anything.


Address: Tourist Road No. 1. Mang Den Village, Kon Plong

Phone number: 0963220266

5. Pine Hill

Pine Hill Homestay is located in the middle of a pine forest that is cool and pleasant all year round. This place still retains the inherent wildness of the Mang Den mountains and forests. However, the amenities and facilities at Doi Thong are still fully equipped for a cozy bedroom. This is also the place for you to create magical virtual photos that are not inferior to anywhere else.


Address: Kon Plong

Phone number: 0915696099

6. MELi

Not only is it a homestay, coming to MELi you can also enjoy authentic Mang Den coffee, participate in discovery activities such as bathing in streams, camping that the staff at MELi are the guides. Choose MELi and you will have a true Mang Den trip.


Address: Mang Den National Ecotourism Area

Phone number: 0932568282

7. Independence – Freedom – Happiness

Located opposite Mang Den gas station, homestay Doc Lap – Tu Do – Hanh Phuc has a name that is quite impressive to tourists. Coming to Independence – Freedom – Happiness to experience the cozy space, you will see Dak Ke Lake in the distance, rows of cherry trees and purple phoenixes as beautiful as Da Lat.


Address: Highway 24, Dak Long, Kon Plong

Phone number: 0906668777

8. La Maison

Like a common house that anyone can visit, La Maison Mang Den homestay The owner takes very careful care of even the smallest details. Each bedroom at La Maison gives you a feeling of familiarity and comfort amid the cool air of the mountains and forests.


Address: 31 Tourist Street No. 1, Dak Long, Kon Plong

Phone number: 0967275168