Pure coffee flower color


During the dry season, the coffee trees only have a rough, sad brown look, but from that cold look, there is an overflowing sap of life. Spring has just arrived, people in the mountain town wait every day for the season of coffee flowers to bloom. After a rainy night, the whole field was filled with pure white flowers, fragrant, swaying with the wind and swirling around the skirts of passersby. Coffee flowers do not bloom individually, but form clusters full of flowers stretching from the stem to the tip of the branches. The petals are white, showing off their purity and beauty like the first snowflakes of the season on a tree branch. And I came across the most adorable image of a little student, cradling each beautiful white petal in her hand, inhaling this heavenly fragrance forever. The purity of the flowers and the innocence and purity of the little student seem to be the most beautiful and sparkling photo of spring.

2.11.16The petals are as white as the first snowflakes of the season

Coffee flower season does not last long but is truly a magical moment for those who love the beauty and fragrance of this “farm” flower. There will be moments wandering among the vast coffee fields, immersed in the enchanting scent that can only be described with the phrase “coffee heaven”. Under the clear blue sky and the rays of sunshine, the radiant white color stands out even more, making the coffee flowers even more attractive to the eye. People in the mountain town often compare the beauty of coffee flowers to a Highland girl in her youth, pure beauty, with a pure, innocent soul. That beauty captivates so many people and discourages so many tourists who once witnessed the blooming coffee flower season. That sweet smell attracts butterflies and bees everywhere, flying around the fields, creating an extremely bustling and lovely scene. The beauty of coffee flowers inspired Xuan Dieu to write sparkling poems:

“Coffee flowers are very fragrant, my dear

Flowers have the same tune as Jasmine

Ivory white, clear jade, beautiful and bright

It’s like my mouth is smiling here and there

The flowers are fragrant and eye-catching

Each flower is like a star

La da each flower branch is densely packed

All are in harmony: deep, wide, high.”

(Coffee flower)


After months of full bloom, coffee flowers quietly close their petals, fall… and a season of hope opens: Fruiting season. From the sepals gently sprout young green fruits, as pretty as a cute shirt button, bringing with them joy and hope of coffee growers for a good year.

Many research documents show that the coffee tree first appeared in Vietnam in 1870 at church grounds in the Northern and North Central provinces, and several decades later it appeared in the Central Highlands. And here, the coffee tree really found its “useful land” when it encountered suitable soil. Coffee quickly became a specialty product and was invested in as a key crop in Central Highlands agriculture. Coming to the northernmost land of the Central Highlands – the mountain town of Kon Tum, coffee still retains its strengths with two main types: Tea coffee and Robusta coffee. Coffee Tea (Coffea Arabica) has small leaves and low stems similar to tea trees, has high economic value and accounts for 61% of coffee products worldwide. Robusta Coffee (Coffea Canephora or Coffea Robusta) is the second most important tree among coffee species, accounting for 39% of coffee products worldwide and Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee.

With the advantage of being in the northernmost region of the Central Highlands, blessed with fertile basalt land and suitable soil, Kon Tum has become one of the high-quality coffee regions of the country. Kon Tum coffee beans have a special delicious flavor, high enough quality to compete with other coffee regions in the country and around the world. The typical representative for Kon Tum coffee quality is Dak Ha coffee. The whole province has over 11,500 hectares of coffee, Dak Ha district has nearly 7,000 hectares of coffee. In recent years, aware of its strengths in coffee, Dak Ha district has focused on building a strong and far-reaching coffee brand. And the product “Dak Ha Coffee” is honored to be ranked in the “Top 500 Products – Services in Vietnam” in international economic integration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade, National Committee for Cooperation. International economic cooperation, Association of business organizations.

If you come to the beautiful mountain town of Kon Tum on a spring day, you will be immersed in the passionate fragrance of pure white. Once you leave the mountain town, the pure color of coffee flowers will still remain intact in your memories, as before:

“I came here, baby, to see all around

We are lost among coffee flowers

Let dew wet your hair and fragrance fill your clothes

Let your soul be filled with fragrance before returning.”

(Coffee flower – Xuan Dieu)

Ha Oanh

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