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Chu Mom Ray Nature Reserve

If you have the opportunity, please come to Chu Mom Ray Nature Reserve with an area of ​​over 50,000 hectares, located in Sa Thay and Ngoc Hoi districts in the west of Kon Tum province. Located at the intersection of Indochina, adjacent to two nature reserves of Laos and Cambodia. Chu Mom Ray in the future has the potential to become an inter-national nature reserve in Southeast Asia to protect the ecological diversity and rich flora and fauna in this region, especially protecting species. Large animals are in danger of extinction such as Gray Cows, Tigers, Elephants…

Kon Tum Where green beckonsA small stream in Chu Mom Ray nature reserve

With diversity in forest types and states. In particular, the reserve has many diverse tree species, and is a reserve with the oldest flora in our country. Coming here, visitors will satisfy their passion for exploring nature through plants.

Regarding animals, the reserve has many species of clawed mammals, elephants, gaur and many species of birds, and many species of terrestrial vertebrates. The number of birds and animals here is double that of other nature reserves in the Central Highlands.

With majestic mountains and forests located on the lake bed, Yaly Hydropower has created a charming natural landscape. In addition, the reserve also has Le village of the Ro Mam ethnic group with only about 300 people, an attractive address for those who love to learn about the culture of indigenous ethnic groups in the Central Highlands.

Ngoc Linh Mountain

Ngoc Linh is the name of the highest mountain in the Central Highlands, located in Dak Glei district, Tu Mo Rong district adjacent to Quang Nam province. With an altitude of 2598 m, it is an attractive place for young people who love adventure and conquering challenges. Here the weather is cool all year round, there is a lot of rain and the mountain top is covered with fog all year round…

1545029053 558 Kon Tum Where blue beckonsSam Ngoc Linh – Photo: Van Nhien

Ngoc Linh has long been famous across the country because it has a rare type of ginseng called Ngoc Linh ginseng. Currently, this species of ginseng is being propagated and planted on a large area under the canopy of old forests, located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m to prepare ginseng medicine to serve human health.

With a large area of ​​natural space preserving rare flora and fauna: Tigers, Deer, Gaur and many precious wood species, especially temperate climate vegetation and Xe Dang ethnic culture, Je – Trieng is rich and diverse.

Dak Uy special-use forest

Dak Uy special-use forest is located in a convenient location for transportation, right on Highway 14, about 25 km north of Kon Tum city, in Dak Ha district.

1545029054 36 Kon Tum Where blue beckonsTake a leisurely walk under the canopy of Dak Uy special-use forest

The forest has an area of ​​690 hectares with quite flat terrain. Coming here, you will discover rare wood species such as rosewood. There are also rosewood, rosewood, rosewood and medicinal plants such as amaryllis, southern ginseng,… along with many types of orchids of all colors, giving off a sweet fragrance.

Dak Uy special-use forest has many traces proving the existence of large mammals. In addition, the Forest also has many species of birds such as: White Stork, Cauldron, Barracuda, Black Starling, Wild Chicken… creating a lively richness for the eco-tourism area.

Dak Uy special-use forest has been divided into zones: zoned forests, rehabilitated forests and afforestation forests. With a harmonious combination of paths, trees, streams, lakes and water canals. Dak Uy special-use forest has welcomed many international delegations to visit and learn and attract a large number of intra-province tourists to rest and picnic on weekends, making it a suitable place for students. The park expands knowledge about tree species in Vietnam.

Mang Den pine forest scenic historical relic area

From Kon Tum, follow Highway 24 to the Northeast about 60 km, visitors will come to the Mang Den scenic area, which has a rich and diverse flora, with coniferous forests and mixed forests with many types of precious wood.

1545029054 168 Kon Tum Where blue beckonsOn the edge of the Black bamboo shoot forest

According to the original name of the M’nam people, Mang Den is T’Mang Deeng meaning “Flat land”. Located on a plateau at an altitude of more than 1,100 m above sea level, the climate here is cool all year round, average temperature 20oC, average humidity 85%. Therefore, Mang Den is known as “Da Lat of Kon Tum”. Coming here, visitors feel like they are lost in another country, as refreshed as standing in front of an air conditioner surrounded by thousands of pine trees and wind. The vast pine forest, some planted in the early 20th century, soars to the blue sky.

Mang Den also has the gentle, cool Dak Ne stream and clear lakes rich in shrimp and fish such as Ly Leng lake, Zin lake, Toong Dam and Po lakes, Jri lakes, Sang lakes, Rpoong lakes,…

Mang Den not only has tourism potential, but is also a land that preserves many revolutionary victories. During the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists, the army and people of Kon Tum defeated the strongest defensive base of the French expeditionary force in Mang Den.

Currently, Kon Tum province has developed an eco-tourism resort, an ideal tourist destination for tourists from near and far. Not only that, with its magnificent natural scenery and cool climate of the northernmost Central Highlands, Mang Den is also an ideal transit point for tourists from Kon Tum to the Central Coastal Plain and vice versa.

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