Top 3 Mang Den motels

Mang Den Guesthouse Currently there are not many, but you will be satisfied when you come here. Let’s refer to the top 3 Mang Den motels below to make the perfect choice for yourself!

Talking a little about Mang Den, this is a tourist destination in Kon Tum that is still very wild, with no footprints of exploration so everything is still intact. This is also one of the reasons why there are very few hotels, motels, etc. for tourists to choose from. On the way to Mang Den, you will come across many abandoned villas under construction because during the construction process, the owner discovered there was no development potential like other places.

However, in such a “monster” place, there are also some lovely places to stay for tourists who love this vast, sunny and windy land. Any! Let’s find out some things with Latour Mang Den Mang Den guesthouse below!

Le Plateau Kon Tum Hostel

Top 3 cheap and beautiful Mang Den motels with the best quality

Le Plateau Kon Tum Hostel is the first name mentioned in the list of hostels in Mang Den. This motel has a cool, spacious space, a distinctive white color, and is nestled in a lush green pine forest. This is a hostel chosen by many tourists when coming to Mang Den.

With favorable geographical location, Mang Den Kon Tum guesthouse You can easily move to tourist destinations in Mang Den without spending too much time. The rooms here are designed in a pure white style, bringing comfort to users. In addition, when you come to this hostel you will also be able to read books for free, free wifi, rent bicycles to go out, drink coffee or enjoy tea in the garden,…


  • Address: Mang Den, Dak Long, Kon Plong, Kon Tum
  • Phone: 091 429 34 44
  • Price from only 220,000 VND/person/night

Cat Tuong Guesthouse

Top 3 cheap and beautiful Mang Den motels with the best quality

Speaking of lists Mang Den guesthouse, it is impossible not to mention Cat Tuong motel. This is also considered one of the motels that many people choose when coming to Mang Den to rest and explore. Cat Tuong Guesthouse is near Mang Den market so you can freely move to many different tourist destinations as well as go shopping if you lack items. You can find Cat Tuong motel using Google Map directions, very convenient.

It must be said that the rooms at Cat Tuong motel are very spacious and airy, the view is always outside, full of trees and flowers, so it brings a very peaceful feeling. The room is fully equipped with a fan, TV, bedding, tea table, wardrobe, etc. The motel staff serves attentively, enthusiastically and very conscientiously, bringing sympathy to guests. row.

There is a very special thing about Cat Tuong motel, which is that the room price is always fixed. Holidays and weekends do not increase prices. However, there is also a note that guests should check in after 12:00 and check out before 12:00 the next day. Cat Tuong Guesthouse is highly appreciated by many people, so try booking a room and see what happens!


  • Address: Provincial Road 676, Daklong Commune, Konpong District, Kontum Province
  • Phone: 02606270888 or 01655508999
  • Price from only 250k/2 people/night

Do Quyen Garden picnic area

Top 3 cheap and beautiful Mang Den motels with the best quality

Guest house in Mang Den Do Quyen picnic area is also a name chosen by many tourists. 38km from Kon Tum Bishop’s Palace, the tourist area with many experiences for you to explore will definitely bring you absolute satisfaction.

The motel at Do Quyen picnic resort is a stilt house nestled in the middle of nature. Here there is a garden, free wifi, a stove, a kettle, free parking… all are prepared. Every day, Asian-style breakfast, coffee and drinks will be served wholeheartedly. In particular, this property has an outdoor swimming pool so you can have fun.

The type of accommodation at Do Quyen picnic resort is a dormitory room for both men and women, 1 Japanese-style futon bed with a private tent. You can bring pets here if you like.

Arrive Mang Den guesthouse Here, you can not only have fun and rest but also enjoy highland dishes such as bamboo-tube rice, grilled chicken, dried meat, wild fruits, etc. Note that this property only accepts cash payments. your face!


  • Address: Mang Den town, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum (city)
  • Phone: 84935171286/ 093 517 12 86
  • Email: [email protected]

Above are the top 3 motel in Mang Den chosen by many tourists when coming to Mang Den. If you are also planning your upcoming trip to Mang Den, quickly book a room to get a good price! Latour Mang Den is pleased to accompany you on your visit to Mang Den – the haughty “muse” amidst the coming sunshine and wind! Wishing you a fun and memorable trip!