Gentle color of apricot flowers

December knocks on the door.

The mountain town is dreamy in the vast golden morning sunlight

The winter wind blows endlessly, wrapping around the skirts of passersby’s clothes.

In December, pink lightly covers the mountains and forests, as real as a dream, like a gentle mist… The color of apricot flowers.

Rarely do new mountain towns have days when the weather is cold at the change of season with fog at dawn. The atmosphere at the end of the year makes people excited and enthusiastic, appreciating every moment of the transition between Spring and Winter, between the new year and the old year. Encountering the innocent pink and white color of apricot flowers, everyone is excited as if spring is coming somewhere.

12.21.15Young girl and apricot flower

Every year at the end of November or the beginning of December of the lunar calendar, Do Mai groves lose all their leaves, leaving behind spindly, light gray branches. Entering the moment of changing seasons, small flower buds sprout from that dry branch, slowly opening their beautiful petals. Do apricot blossom season corresponds to the peach blossom season in the North and the apricot blossom season in the South. The days leading up to Tet are the period when the flowers bloom jubilantly, showing off their full beauty. The tree branches are covered in pink, occasionally peeking out a few young green leaves just in time to bloom in the morning dew, a rare shimmering and magical beauty. From the forests across Ngoc Hoi, Dak To, Dak Glei,… awakening after winter sleep, spreading in the color of flowers, filled with spring colors. Apricot pea flowers cover the top of the mountain, circling the hill slopes, spilling down into the valley,… The fluttering pink color makes tourists bewildered, stopping their steps to admire, and then remaining silent as the color of the flower has touched their memories. far away, deep and profound. There is something like wistfulness, regret, missing the innocent, beautiful first love, now only a few vague memories…


People who love the magical beauty of flowers also lovingly call Do Mai “Mountain Cherry” as a way of appreciating the beauty that flowers adorn the mountains and forests every spring. From a distance, the apricot flower forest resembles cherry blossoms, but when you pick up each petal and look closely, the apricot apricot blossoms are completely different from cherry blossoms in shape. Peach blossom petals are separate and equal, attached to a stamen in the middle. Do apricot flowers grow in clusters, pale pink or pure white. The calyx is bell-shaped or has 5 small serrated lobes, and the corolla has bird-eye-shaped wings. Compared to the brilliance of apricot blossoms and the graceful appearance of peach blossoms, Do mai has a more gentle, lovely and gentle beauty. Beautiful little flowers, like the shy, charming smile of a fifteen-year-old student. Looking from a distance, the branches covered with flowers look like a flock of beautiful little butterflies perching gently, sometimes when the wind blows the flower petals and they fall away. Apricot blossoms are only beautiful when they are still intact on the tree. If you try to pick them down, the flowers will fall off, losing their beauty.

If you have the opportunity to go to the mountain town in the early days of spring, don’t miss the opportunity to see the apricot flowers in full bloom. Do apricot flowers are originally the color of the mountains and forests. They used to grow abundantly in remote mountainous areas, but recently they have been planted around houses and fences because the leaves are green all year round. There are beautiful flowers to enjoy. Just in the beautiful small city of Kon Tum, Do apricot flowers have bloomed along the embankment of the Dak Bla river, on Bac Kan road, around the villages of Kon Klor, Plei To Nghia, Phuong Nghia flower village,… looming with the The brown roof and stilts, the color of roses, decorate a peaceful spring. Do apricot has a very light and discreet fragrance, you have to pay a lot of attention to notice it, so on the days when the flowers bloom, bees and butterflies come and swarm around. The harsher the sun and wind, the stronger Do Mai grows. During the dry season and the dry land, Do Mai shows off its sparkling beauty even more. Each Do Mai petal is so fragile that it seems like just a breeze can make it all fall, yet its vitality is extremely strong.


Famous for its magical beauty, but few people know the practical effects of Do apricot flowers. Do apricot belongs to the bean family, has a small tree trunk, often grows on cliffs or hillsides, has a trunk height of 4-7m, has many branches, grows at an angle, oval-shaped leaves, is green all year round, and provides extensive shade. The seeds and stem bark are highly toxic and have the effect of killing rats, so it is also called Sat Tri, and the Spanish call it Matar Raton (rat killing). The scientific name of Do mai is Gliricidia sepium, which means to kill rats (derived from the Latin word “glir” – rat and the suffix “-cida” – to kill, exterminate. In the bare mountains and hills, many rocky and sparsely shaded, only Do Mai still stubbornly clings to it. The bright green color of the trees and leaves evokes a feeling of peace and hope that one day the land will gradually become more fertile. Indeed , Do mai has a very strong ability to improve soil, its roots have the ability to fix nitrogen freely, leaves and flowers when falling also increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil where grass grows strongly and is difficult to eradicate Planting Do apricot trees into forests, after a period of time tall Do apricot forests will contribute to greening, turning thatched grass land into agricultural land. Recently, Do apricot wood is also very popular in the furniture market Smooth grain, beautiful clear pattern, the table and chairs made have a long life and durable beauty.

The apricot flower is not a noble flower that needs to be pampered and meticulously cared for, nor is it a brilliant flower that burns spring. Do apricot is just a simple flower, with a light pink color that radiates hidden charm and a delicate fragrance. The intense vitality and gentle flower colors have adorned the vast green forests of the Central Highlands with more beauty and warmth every spring./.

Ha Oanh

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