Preserving and developing traditional brocade weaving in Kon Tum


In the past, ethnic brocade was often used for the purpose of giving, offering, dowry, exchanging products back and forth in the form of “barter”, but now, that product has a significant role. in the economic life of the people, bringing a source of income to many families.

Besides weaving fabric to make loincloths, dresses, shirts, belts, hair ties, baby carriers… we also weave some new brocade items such as tablecloths, brocade bags, wallets, briefcases, hats, curtains, TV covers, pillows… In some villages, the production of brocade items has been of interest to people for a long time. In addition to capital support from the state, people themselves invested in restoring and developing brocade weaving, forming traditional weaving production establishments that attracted many workers, creating Many new products and designs still retain the same colors, patterns, and have their own ethnic mark. That’s why textile products have been introduced at craft village exhibitions and domestic fairs.

Brocade goods appear at souvenir stalls in Kon Tum city with a rich list, with designs, patterns, colors, eye-catching designs, textile products with modern and new colors. . Besides producing brocade goods for sale, people also use them for their own needs. Ethnic women in Kon Tum province also know how to weave brocade bags with beautiful patterns and decorated with numbers and common letters as souvenirs or gifts for their children.

Along with the development of tourism, brocade fabric is a souvenir item favored by domestic and foreign tourists, not only traditional products such as scarves and costumes, but also many tourists coming to Kon Tum. Forget shopping for new items such as brocade bags, wallets, tablecloths, brocade fashion sets…

From just being a side job, taking advantage of their leisure time, some craftsmen have switched to stable, professional jobs, and brocade goods have created a new nuance for the traditional weaving profession of ethnic groups in Kon Tum province. .

Van Phat

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