Visit Mang Den National Ecotourism Area


Currently, Mang Den national eco-tourism area has been formed and put into operation eco-tourism and resort projects, growing cold-water vegetables and flowers, raising cold-water fish, and has especially succeeded in the project. Commercial sturgeon and salmon farming project and breeding of sturgeon and salmon breeds. Mang Den eco-tourism area is included in the list of important national tourist areas by the Government. At this eco-tourism area, we are focusing on investing in perfecting tourism infrastructure, ensuring it meets the needs of socio-economic development and tourism service. Develop a number of tourism products and services such as: Eco-tourism resort; Tourism for cultural and historical festivals of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands; Tourism products (Sim wild wine, wild bananas, tonic bones, ginseng, sturgeon, salmon…); Entertainment services associated with natural landscapes; Construction of the Biological Research Center village; Nursing and health care services; Preserve and restore tangible and intangible cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in the district…

Some pictures of Mang Den Ecotourism Area:

– Road to Mang Den


– The climate is cool all year round, the average temperature during the year is below 200C


– Forest coverage accounts for over 80% of the total natural area of ​​the district


– There is cultural diversity of ethnic groups, of which the Mo Nam, Xe Dang, Kadong, and H’re ethnic groups account for more than 97% of the population


– Nature has gifted Mang Den with many beautiful waterfalls and lakes:



– Mang Den victory monument and square:


– Resort villas, services:


– Growing vegetables and flowers in cold countries, raising cold water fish and raising wild animals:




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