Discover sticky rice with bamboo shoots – a strange specialty of Kon Tum

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Sticky rice with bamboo shoots is considered a specialty of Kon Tum with the combination of the yellow color of sticky rice and wild bamboo shoots; dark brown color of braised scampi; All wrapped in dark green banana leaves look extremely attractive.

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Coming to Kon Tum, it would be a mistake not to taste the taste of sticky rice with bamboo shoots here. Because of the sour, spicy and sweet taste of sticky rice and wild bamboo shoots, only Kon Tum can make you flutter and “remember a trip forever”.

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Sticky rice with cement is not simply a familiar breakfast dish, it also shows the sophistication and ingenuity of Kon Tum people. Photo: Internet.

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When coming to Kon Tum, visitors must definitely enjoy the taste of wild bamboo shoots sticky rice with bamboo shoots rich, unique taste.

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There are two indispensable things to make sticky rice with bamboo shoots: sticky rice and wild bamboo shoots. Seems simple but sophisticated.

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Kon Tum has many mountains and forests, and bamboo shoots are abundant and delicious. Choose fresh bamboo shoots from the forest, peel them, wash them, and cut them into bite-sized pieces. After pre-processing to remove the bad smell, stir-fry with spices to absorb.

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Kon Tum people often eat spicy food, so bamboo shoots must always have just the right amount of sour and spicy taste. Sometimes they even add chili to the sticky rice with bamboo shoots.

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Next is sticky rice. People must choose good sticky rice, soak it in diluted salt water mixed with turmeric to create a yellow color. Just soak for about 8 hours and then bring out the cooked food. That’s how you get pure and beautiful golden sticky rice seeds.

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In addition to eating sticky rice with bamboo shoots, Kon Tum people also eat it with chili and braised fish.

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Sometimes, braised fish is replaced with salty braised beans. So customers have new dishes on the “menu” that change.

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Kon Tum cement sticky rice Seducing diners with the attractive colors of wild bamboo shoots and sticky rice mixed with turmeric and delicious flavor, especially making diners eat once and remember for a lifetime.