Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

Kon Tum leaf salad

Coming to Kon Tum and not having eaten leaf salad is considered as having not been there. As one of the 10 dishes with Asian records, Kon Tum leaf salad includes over 40 different types of leaves, most of which are natural herbal medicines. Safe, good for health.

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

Enjoying this dish also requires style, not hastily “grabbing” all the leaves but must follow the correct process. First, take mustard leaves or apricot leaves as rolling leaves, then add sour leaves and a few other leaves depending on the eater’s choice, roll into a small funnel, put pieces of pork belly, shrimp, pork skin… inside. funnel”, be sure to add pepper and salt, and a little dipping sauce. Each time the leaves are rolled, there are different types of leaves, creating different flavors, sometimes sour mango leaves, sometimes rich fig leaves, astringent guava leaves.

Cement sticky rice

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

It has its own unique characteristics with the combination of sticky rice, wild bamboo shoots and scads. The sticky rice grains are golden, shiny, and soft, the fragrant scad is soft to the bone, the wild bamboo shoots are crispy and sweet… the sticky rice with bamboo shoots wrapped in green banana leaves creates a rustic dish with a very unique flavor, very Kon Tum.

Bitter eggplant with A Biu cassava leaves

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

Crushed or crushed cassava leaves are cooked with bitter eggplant, pork, and river fish, but the most delicious dish is cooked with dried meat hung in the kitchen. The noodles are fleshy and fragrant, the bitter eggplant is sweet, plus the chewy sweetness and fragrant smell of kitchen smoke from the meat, plus the fragrant green chili, strange and unforgettable.

Dak Bla river rice cricket

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

A seasonal specialty available from August to October. Fried rice crickets are fragrant and golden, rolled up with some herbs, accompanied by sour mango, crab claw leaves, and dipped in a little typical wild salt and pepper. Spreading in the mouth is a crispy, fleshy, sweet and fragrant cricket taste that no other specialty can have.

Dishes made from crickets are quite strange to people in the delta, however, to the Kon Tum ethnic minority people, dishes made from crickets have become familiar and very popular. There are many types of crickets such as rice crickets, charcoal crickets, and fire crickets, but to prepare dishes, only rice crickets are delicious.

BaZaNa Smoked Meat

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

The combination of precious plants and herbs of the Central Highlands such as: Luh, Roong Go, wild lemongrass, chili… blended into each fiber of meat combined with the smoky taste from the coffee tree has created a difference compared to other types of coffee. kitchens of other regions. When eating, just grill over charcoal or steam until hot. Each piece of chewy, sweet, and strangely fragrant meat will make you fall in love at the first try.

Kon Plong grilled chicken

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

Recognized by Guinness World Records as 1/50 famous Vietnamese specialties. Grilled chicken is selected from indigenous breeds, marinated with typical mountain spices and seasoned with é leaf salt. Served with Lam rice made with sticky rice cooked in young bamboo tubes, buried in the fire, soft, fragrant, and dipped with bean salt, it is absolutely delicious.

Mang Den sturgeon

Sturgeon is raised in Mang Den, with all bones made of cartilage, white, chewy and fatty fish meat prepared with many delicious dishes from fried, steamed, braised with pickles, hot pot… What dishes to eat with sturgeon Mang Den will also fascinate visitors.

Highland red vermicelli

Plateau red vermicelli is one of the specialties in Kon Tum. Unlike beef vermicelli, fish ball vermicelli… highland red vermicelli is much simpler to prepare. The ingredients of this dish include: crab, meatballs and boiled quail eggs, cashew oil to create the red color of the vermicelli. A bowl of vermicelli with eye-catching colors further stimulates visitors’ taste buds.

Dak Glei sour fish

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

It is a traditional dish of the Je Trieng – DakGlei ethnic people. River fish mixed with special forest spices, put in bamboo tubes and left to ferment. Fish after fermentation has an extremely attractive flavor, it can be eaten immediately or processed into many dishes such as: sour fish cooked with wild leaves, braised sour fish, steamed…

Fish salad with yellow ants

Kon Tum specialties Delicious dishes among the vast

To have delicious fish salad with yellow ants, people choose small stream fish only the size of 3 fingers, while yellow ants choose ant nests with many eggs and young ants to be delicious. Going through many stages of processing and marinating so that the flavors of ants, ant eggs and fish blend together with some spices, you can enjoy the delicious and unique ant fish salad of Kon Tum. Many people feel scared when they hear the name of a new dish, but once they taste it, they want to eat it again.