Majestic waterfalls amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

With its inherent wildness and mystery, the majestic waterfalls of the Central Highlands mountains and forests have become a favorite destination for travel enthusiasts.


Majestic waterfalls amidst the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

As a name that has been constantly passed around by young people recently, Lieng Nung Waterfall (Dak Nong) has a cool green space and charming scenery, and will be a place where you can freely “live virtually” in every corner. Take home many unique and quality photos. Consisting of 3 clusters with the largest main waterfall cluster being about 30 m high, Lieng Nung appears impressively with the shape of a white silk strip running along a steep cliff. Coming here in the dry season, the water at the waterfall will be clear, and luckily you will see a rainbow. During the rainy season, the waterfall is turbulent and the water is turbid, so visitors should be careful of slipping. Photos: Cuongkhii, sontungst, truong.tan.nghia, kino.doan.

As a gift that nature bestows on the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, Dray Nur waterfall is located in three clusters of Gia Long – Dray Nur – Dray Sap waterfalls of the Serepok River. Coming to Dray Nur waterfall, the first feeling that comes to you is a majestic waterfall, white foam, and steam filling the space, making the space cool. If you are a lover of thrills, don’t miss the adventure experience in the 3,000 m2 cave behind the falls. Photos: Hannah.nguyen9, lannphuonng, legendhh_, vyvy_gl.

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Also known as Lieng Rowoa, Voi waterfall is one of the three largest waterfalls in Lam Dong province, with a height of up to 30 m and a width of about 40 m. If you want to admire the beauty of the mountains and forests from above, you must pass 145 winding steps to reach the top of the waterfall. When coming to Elephant Waterfall, visitors should especially not miss the journey to explore the Bat Cave located at the foot of the waterfall, which will be an interesting experience in the water cave located 50 meters deep above the ground. Photo: Monsimi, ccduck106.

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Flowing on the lava bed of an inactive volcano, Phu Cuong waterfall is in Chu Se district, Gia Lai province. Coming here, visitors will admire the magnificent beauty of the high waterfall column in the rainy season and immerse themselves in the poetic beauty of the waterfall like a soft silk strip across the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands in the dry season. Collecting “virtual life” photos that attract likes will be a certainty when tourists visit this waterfall. Photo: Khin, nov.thu.

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Dubbed the “fairy” of the Mang Den plateau, Pa Sy waterfall belongs to Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province. Like a strip of white silk floating in the middle of a primeval forest, coming here, visitors feel like they have let go of all the hustle and bustle of life, leaving only the sound of pouring water mixed with the chirping of birds to create a resounding chorus of nature. brings a feeling of extreme relaxation. Photo: Phmailinh, loanscorner.

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Associated with the faithful love story of a M’nong couple, Dak G’Lun waterfall is in Tuy Duc district, Dak Nong province. Around the waterfall there are many ancient trees with wide green canopy. The waterfall pours from a height of 58 m, creating tiny sprays of water, bringing a fresh, cool space. Coming there, visitors will clearly feel the sound of nature, there is no other noise, just a proud solo performance of the waterfall. Photo: Indrawuphoto, howmanycountry.