Growing Strawberries in Kon Plong

Mr. Le Van Tu’s family settled in the new residential area of ​​Tu Rang Village, Mang Canh Commune, Kon Plong District in early 2013, and in May of this year, they took seeds from Da Lat and planted Strawberries. Newly reclaimed land, but ensuring good planting and care techniques, the Strawberry garden can be harvested regularly. “Strawberries that are sold fresh, soaked in wine, or made into jam are initially consumed locally. .”- Mr. Tu’s wife shared.

February 5, 2015 1 1 dulichStrawberries grow well in Mang Den, Kon Plong

Investing in Mang Den since 2010, in early 2014, Thien My Limited Liability Company from Ho Chi Minh City expanded the area of ​​Dau Tay. Initially, we only propagated from Da Lat Strawberries and saw positive results, so more than 4 months ago, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thien My – Director of Thien My Kon Tum Co., Ltd. boldly invested in planting 1000 m2 of Strawberry varieties. Western Japan follows the cage house model. Initially, the Japanese Strawberry variety produced the first batch of fruit, which was sold at a number of high-end Japanese supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City at several times the price of normal strawberry varieties. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thien My said: “ Associated with investment in growing strawberries, our business has initially organized tours for tourists to visit this model. Coming here, visitors can experience visiting the garden, learn about the process of growing clean Strawberries, and enjoy free strawberries. Only when the customer buys the product do we charge. Initially, the model attracted quite a large number of tourists to visit.”

February 5, 2015 1 2 dulich

Growing Strawberries in cages is highly effective

Strawberries are suitable for temperate climates, originate from the Americas, and were brought into cultivation in Europe in the second half of the 18th century. Strawberries were brought to Da Lat by the French in the 40s of the 20th century. Strawberries are red, soft, sweet and sour, fragrant, and rich in nutrients, so they are loved by many people. As an area with specific terrain, climate, and soil, similar to Da Lat, Strawberries were chosen to be planted in Kon Plong.

Successful test results have opened up a direction for stable and long-term investment in this typical fruit tree of the land of thousands of pine trees. However, growing and caring for Strawberries requires certain techniques and experience, so initially, in Mang Den, only Thien My Company and a few households planted them on a limited area. After the start-up period, the Cold Country Vegetable and Flower Development Project in Kon Plong District promises positive movements in 2015, which will be favorable conditions to attract investment from businesses and farmers inside and outside the province. . Investing in the right development of Strawberry trees in Kon Plong district not only helps increase income for producers, diversify the crop structure in the Mang Den eco-tourism area, but also contributes to supplementing the area of The area and output of fruits, even in Da Lat, is an advantageous region that is still limited in area and does not meet domestic market demand during the off-season months of the rainy season./.