Kon Tum people with the holiday April 30 – May 1

It is known that this year, there are 4 days off, so many families, friends, and colleagues make plans very early. Those who have the conditions and can quickly identify faraway places to visit for themselves and their loved ones should register for a 3-4 day tour service with travel agencies in the province such as: coming to Da Nang to see the night. fireworks festival, exploring Ba Na Hill, Hoi An Ancient Town… As for families who are going sightseeing, resting, and visiting friends and relatives, they have already booked round-trip tickets for both the way and return. . Because of fear, the number of tourists visiting and traveling increases dramatically during holidays like this.

The number of tourists buying international tours during this year’s holidays is also quite large. Especially Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Travel Centers in the province have registered and connected tours with reputable focal points in big cities to take tourists on tours according to the above programs and have closed their books long ago because of the holidays. May 1 is International Labor Day, so a large number of international visitors visiting the above area is inevitable.

This year, the majority of Kon Tum youth enthusiastically responded to self-designed tours to explore culture and ecology in the province. It is known that Mang Den and Ngoc Linh Peak (2,598m) are the destinations chosen by young people for their journey to explore their homeland during this holiday.


One of the waterfalls in Kon Plong district.

“Coming to Mang Den this season is very beautiful and pleasant because of the cool climate, romantic pine forests, streams, waterfalls with white foam day and night, and especially Sim flowers blooming on the deserted hills. Occasionally I see a village hidden behind a thin patch of forest, the scenery is truly charming.” That is the revelation about the plan of Kim Ngoc’s group of friends, an office worker, currently working at a private company in Kon Tum city.

4.27.20Culture and ecology are chosen by young people during the holiday from April 30 to May 1.

In tune with the idea of ​​exploring nature, Hoai Duc, a student at the University of Danang Branch in Kon Tum, likes to conquer heights and explore the diverse ecosystem on Ngoc Linh Peak. The highest mountain peak in the Truong Son range has been a dream of the group for a long time. We want to explore this primeval forest, known as the famous roof of the Central Highlands, where there is a diverse ecosystem, especially Ngoc Linh ginseng is rare, and now the road is much easier than before. On the way, we will visit the old battlefields and learn about the culture of the Gie – Trieng people. We believe we will have a wonderful trip during this holiday.”

There are many friends and colleagues who choose relaxing fishing spots in the suburbs. This is a new type of ecotourism in recent years. Ms. Anh Tuyet, an accountant at an administrative agency in the province, said, “Every holiday like this, my agency invites each other to the suburbs to fish, relax, and sing for each other.” , being immersed in nature and the atmosphere of many friends will help us restore energy, reduce pressure and stress at work and strengthen the bond between brothers, friends and colleagues.”

Besides, there are also good housewives who take care of the family, tighten their budget, want to save money for their family but still want to have a meaningful and happy holiday. They and their families and relatives prepared all the ingredients for a simple, economical outdoor picnic party, then chose a location with green space not far from the city. At this time, ladies and gentlemen have the opportunity to show off their cooking skills in an open space with fresh air like that. There is nothing better than…

No matter which destination or entertainment spot you choose, it is still very meaningful to all Kon Tum residents during the April 30 – May 1 holiday this year. Because the entire people are joyfully celebrating the great national holiday – 37 years of completely liberating the South and reunifying the country.

Article and photo: Tuong Lam

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