The intoxicating scent of Kon Plong mountains and forests

Recently, the media has reported many fake types of beer and wine, causing poisoning, harming users’ health, and even leading to death. From Kon Plong’s abundant and good quality products, you can soak yourself in a jar of myrtle wine or tonic wine, or ginseng wine to improve your health, enjoy and feel the wonderful taste from it. Kon Plong mountain and forest products.

1. Sim wine

Going to KonPlong in the late spring and early summer days, you can easily see patches of wild myrtle flowers blooming purple, overlapping each other as beautiful as a picture. From June to September, the myrtle is ripe, people in the villages bring baskets to the forest to pick sim, a fresh kilogram on the spot is only 10 thousand VND, but bringing it back to the city costs 20-25 thousand. Sim Kon Plong is not a large fruit, when ripe it has a dark purple color and a sweet taste like the sim in the Northern provinces. It is a small fruit that ripens to a dark green purple color and has a slightly sweet, slightly acrid taste, very suitable for eating. make wine.

The simplest way is to make sim honey, for every layer of sim, add a layer of white sugar on top. Cover tightly, store in a cool place for about 1 month, then the sugar will seep in and secrete dark purple juice, which is the essence of myrtle honey. Sim honey has an attractive aroma, sweet taste mixed with a bit of characteristic sourness with a concentration of about 11.5%. Sim bile diluted with a little ice is a drink that is very popular with women because it is good for the digestive system, reduces the fishy taste of seafood, increases appetite, and helps absorb nutrients better. As for men who want to fully enjoy the delicious taste, they can mix white wine with myrtle honey in a ratio of 1:5 to create a perfect new wine, suitable for New Year’s days or gatherings with friends. Happily, it can cure many diseases. Even if you drink a little too much, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Sim forest – Photo: Y Viet Sa

If conditions do not allow you to prepare sim wine yourself, you can also buy pre-made wine, available at many stores in Mang Den town and Kon Tum city. During Tet and spring, instead of using expensive imported wines, you can use KonPlong myrtle wine, with a new and attractive flavor. Many people come to KonPlong sim wine not only because they are passionate about the yeast flavor but also because of the values ​​it brings such as supplementing nutrients, nourishing blood, helping blood circulation, and treating aches and pains of the elderly.

2. Ginseng wine

String ginseng wine is also an extremely famous specialty of the cold land of Kon Plong. Ginseng is also known as Chicken Thigh plant, Ly Plow Cay, O Nha Nhon, Cang Ho, etc. It is a herbaceous plant that climbs or crawls, and the root has a slightly bitter sweet taste. Panax ginseng only grows in areas higher than 1000m above sea level, with a temperate climate. Fresh ginseng has been used as an indispensable ingredient in many tonics, medicines to treat coughs, anemia, weakness, high blood pressure, increased red blood cell count, etc. Fresh ginseng is used to cook. Daily drinking water, yellow in color, fragrant, has a ginseng taste, sweet and cool, very easy to drink. It can be considered a daily drink to nourish the body or even a strange, unique “tea” of high value. You can also use fresh ginseng roots stewed with chickens, turtles, etc. to nourish weak people who have just recovered from illness.

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Fresh ginseng root – Photo: Ha Oanh

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Dried ginseng is packaged, very convenient for tourists to take away

Photo: Ha Oanh

Fresh ginseng can only be stored for about 1 week. If you want to preserve it for long-term use, dry it and seal it tightly. To soak ginseng in wine, soak 1 kg of dry ginseng in 10 liters of good wine for 6 weeks and you can drink it. It is best to soak wine in a glass bowl or ceramic jar for the best wine. When you see that the wine has a beautiful cockroach yellow color and a strong aroma, only the light sweetness of ginseng remains to be used. Drinking regularly every day with appropriate doses during meals will create a feeling of good appetite, good sleep, and a comfortable and healthy body.

3. Bone wine is nutritious

The cot troi toc plant, commonly called y-bet by local people, is a herb that grows in high mountains and has been used in oriental medicine for a long time. The stem is covered with a thick layer of dark brown bristles, the leaves have sharp serrated edges, the leaves are long and split into many lobes similar to fern leaves. Wash and pound fresh tonic bones, add a little water, then bake until soft. Apply to sores or kidney failure manifested as lower back pain, leg weakness, ringing in the ears, deafness or toothache. The Ro Mam people (one of the 6 ethnic minorities in Kon Tum) have a famous remedy using thinly sliced ​​tofu bones, dried or roasted over fire and then soaked in wine to treat bone pain, back pain, knee pain, and swollen joints. pain, fall injuries, sprains, hematomas, joint dislocations, broken bones, kidney damage, bleeding gums…

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Pre-packaged dried tonic bones – Photo: Ha Oanh

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Tonic core wine is as popular as many other types of wine – Photo: Ha Oanh

Realizing the effects of this herb, in recent times Kon Tum General Hospital has been using tonic bone to treat blood circulation, blood circulation, eliminate wind, nourish the kidneys and treat sprains, broken bones, and tired limbs. , paralysis and treatment of rheumatism, bone pain. Currently, the dried tonic leaves have been carefully dried and packaged to ensure quality. You can buy them in Mang Den town or traditional medicine stores in Kon Tum city.

Kon Plong is increasingly attracting friends everywhere because of its pristine natural landscape, special climate and unique cultural heritage of indigenous peoples. When you leave beautiful KonPlong, don’t forget to bring home as gifts for your loved ones some cat apples, bamboo shoots, bottles of sim wine, ginseng wine, tonic mortar, … local products that are both delicious and good for your health. ./.