I love wild sunflowers so much – Kon Tum News

During the season, the sky is not quite blue yet, because the clouds are still ivory white, sometimes cloudy. But there was still bright sunshine, and the wild sunflowers on both sides of the road had begun to bud, showing off their shiny yellow color.

This week the seasons have changed and the weather has been cool. In the morning, surfing Facebook, I saw many people showing off beautiful photos next to the brilliant wild sunflowers and felt nauseous. I also wished to immerse myself in the mountains and forests, with nature to freely admire the blooming yellow flowers. resplendent under the bright sunlight and cold weather.

I remember, the day I went to the Central Highlands to work, it was also the season of wild sunflowers blooming. I often hear people say that blooming wild sunflowers signal the return of winter. This is the time of changing seasons, moving from Autumn to Winter, so the natural scenery, flowers and grass are always beautiful and wild sunflowers – a typical flower of the Central Highlands mountains and forests are even more beautiful and attractive.

At that time, the sky was not really blue, because the clouds were still ivory white, sometimes cloudy. But the sun was already shining, and the wild sunflowers on both sides of the road had begun to burst their buds, showing off their shiny yellow color.

On business trips to remote areas, I was captivated by the picturesque beauty of the images of girls from Ba Na, Xo Dang, Gia Rai… with big round eyes, going to the fields early in the morning and not forgetting to pick fruits. bunch of wildflowers put in a basket; In the afternoon, when returning from the fields, the bright yellow bunches of wild sunflowers followed the girls to the river to the stream to “bathe” coolly. Flowers lean under the cool and extremely fresh water. Flowers adorn the smile and beauty of highland girls, making them more charming.

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This season, wild sunflowers have burst their buds, showing off their shiny golden color. Photo: Quang Vinh

Also from those trips, I took beautiful photos of the roads with bright yellow wild sunflowers. I realized that it was that wild sunflower, along with the combination of “sun-wind-dust” that made Kon Tum’s dry season uniquely beautiful.

Also from those trips, I learned that there are many boys in Ba Na, Xo Dang, and Gia Rai who anxiously wait for the wild sunflower season to borrow yellow flowers like the sun to send their love messages to the girl. . Because wild sunflowers also have a beautiful legend about the faithful, unwavering love of the old Gia Rai couple.

The story goes that one day, because she was forced to marry someone else, the girl Gia Rai went to high mountains to commit suicide, determined to protect her love. And then, her body turned into ash, flying with the wind, turning into a brilliant yellow wild sunflower, day and night welcoming the sun to burn with all her might like a painful but eternal love in the middle of the highland mountains and forests.

That legend makes people feel more fond of wild sunflowers – a flower of the mountains and forests, rustic, rustic but filled with love for the land and love for people.

I love wild sunflowers because of the rustic yet passionate, simple yet passionate nature of that flower, like the very soul of the people of the Central Highlands. And perhaps because I love the Central Highlands, I also love the characteristics of this sunny and windy land.

I love wild sunflowers because of their gentleness but strength, always harboring within those dry branches and leaves a strong desire to live. In the dry season, when people clear fields, wild sunflowers are also burned. But when the rainy season comes, the wild sunflowers sprout lush green shoots, waiting until the cool winds of the season blow back to show off their brilliant yellow color.

I like the analogy of many people that wild sunflowers are like the beauty of a Central Highlands girl, rustic but full of vitality. Even though it’s sunny or windy, wild sunflowers still sprout green shoots, showing off their bright yellow color. The strange thing is, each flower tree never stands alone but grows in groves and bushes. Perhaps because they know how to support and protect each other, trees are always steadfast against the sun and wind.

Because I love wild sunflowers, every time they bloom, I often don’t miss the opportunity to mingle with the bright yellow flowers on the hillsides and roads “connecting the city to the forest” on my trips back and forth. hamlets and villages. One day, wild sunflowers even followed me from the forest to the city, then were cherished and placed in a lovely vase placed in the corner of my desk.

Today, wild sunflowers are present in home gardens in urban areas. Perhaps like me, because we love wild sunflowers, people cut a flower branch to take cuttings or take seeds from the flowers to sow. So now, it is not strange that one day, you are wandering on the street and suddenly come across a bright yellow wild sunflower cluster in the corner of the wall. Although not as beautiful as the wildflowers on the hillsides or valleys, they are still enough to make you bewildered.

Another season of wildflowers means another year that I am attached to the Central Highlands. But no matter how many years pass, I still love that flower, just like I love the land and people here.