A gift of love from the Gie-Trieng people

Gift of love from the Gie Trieng people“Gift” of love from a Gie-Trieng girl

Those who have ever traveled the Ho Chi Minh road (National Highway 14), passing through Dak Glei and Ngoc Hoi districts of Kon Tum province, if they pay attention, will see under the folds of houses neatly stacked logs of firewood next to the gables. under the eaves. It is engagement firewood, a special love gift that a Gie-Trieng girl prepares to give to her lover on the wedding day.

For Gie-Trieng girls, when they begin to have a sense of work, this means entering puberty (13, 14 years old), after each time going to the fields and returning to the village, always behind them. The girls also had a basket of firewood. The firewood brought home is not for making a fire, but is private firewood, firewood that will later be given to someone you love. Gie-Trieng boys of puberty want to know how responsible, skillful, and hard-working a girl is, just look at the firewood. Feeling about this, a Gie-Trieng boy said: “To know if a Gie-Trieng girl is capable, you have to look at the way she bundles and chops firewood, to see if the cutting area is smooth and beautiful. or not. This shows that the girl is diligent and persistent in her work, but if she is careless, everyone knows that the girl will not be very diligent at work.”

1536398450 609 Gift of love from the Gie Trieng people“Betrothal” firewood is a beautiful cultural feature of the Gie-Trieng people

From the place of residence to the forest or field, it is only one kilometer away, far away it is several kilometers, even five or seven kilometers, but every day, in addition to farming, the Gie-Trieng girls also earn money for food. carry firewood and carry it home, day after day, month after month and year after year.

The types of trees that girls choose to bring home as engagement firewood are fire-resistant, low-smoke, and full of charcoal. The length of each firewood is usually two elbows (about 80cm), diameter from 7 to 15cm. Each piece of firewood is cut into many pieces but not allowed to separate. When using, just use your hands to strip each bar. The straighter the firewood, the smooth cut marks at both ends into equilateral triangles, and the larger and higher the firewood pile, show that the owner is a talented person and vice versa. There are diligent, hard-working girls who pile firewood up to four or five meters long and so high that they have to use ladders to continue stacking firewood on top.

1536398450 961 Gift of love from the Gie Trieng people

Bringing wedding firewood to the groom’s house is the first procedure

in the wedding customs of the Gie-Trieng people

The Gie-Trieng people do not measure wedding firewood by material value, but by spirit. The bundle of firewood is the sentiment of a girl who has just grown up, with her ideology of having to prove her ingenuity and ingenuity, so the bundle of firewood is the place to start depositing, start dreaming, start hoping and preserving. The girl’s entire soul thinks about her future love. The firewood that the girl brings home is called engagement firewood and until the wedding day is called wedding firewood. That wedding firewood is mandatory firewood for the girl to move to the groom’s family, which is also the first procedure in the wedding customs of the Gie-Trieng people.

Although Valentine’s Day is a new festival, imported from abroad, February 14 has been welcomed by Vietnamese people, especially young people. This contributes to enriching the cultural beauty in our daily lives. However, those are just “spices” that make the “flavor” of love more romantic, but with love, it speaks for itself, of course not only on Valentine’s Day. 02. And each nation has its own ways to express its love.

Articles, photos: Tuong Lam

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