Have an appointment with Da Lat

When the Central provinces start to rain, Da Lat is the season of yellow flowers. That city chooses rain in the summer so that the wild sunflower sprouts everywhere in that city can grow tall, promising to make heaven and earth golden in October and sometimes trying to hold on to the joy for those who enjoy it, until early December. just ended, to be followed by the cherry blossom season.

Have an appointment with Da Lat

Wild Kneeling Road.

This season, Da Lat is beautiful, because the city begins to have cold nights and afternoons where dew drifts over the pine rows in the suburbs. Early in the morning or afternoon, when you leave Da Lat and exit the city, right at the top of Prenn Pass you will see clouds drifting over the pine trees, clouds sinking down into the deep valley and sometimes clouds drift past you. Or in the morning in Da Lat, when the sun has not yet risen, you are drenched in a certain slope in mist, or surprised to see the dew drops that remained from last night patting on the glass window. Like tears telling happy and sad stories. Da Lat is a city that has an extremely strong attraction to anyone who has not yet been there, has been, and has even come many times. That city holds people’s feet from the green grass on the strange slope, to the flower patches on the front porch of someone’s house secretly blooming flowers of love.

Every year, I always have an appointment with Da Lat in October. The reason is that I want to go there on the yellow road colored with wild flowers. There are flowers everywhere, but Da Lat has no shortage of flowers. But the beautiful yellow flowers that keep blooming all over the world from October are only found in Da Lat and the Central Highlands provinces. I encountered the yellow wild sunflower road connecting all the way from Pleiku to Kon Tum, and it was a beautiful road. But the wild sunflowers in Da Lat have a different look, because they are memories, a bit of smog and even stories of love affairs.

In the season of wild sunflowers blooming, I rode my motorbike up from Nha Trang, and could not help but stop at the yellow flower slope on the outskirts, where we were about to enter the city, on a precarious slope that was shaded by green pine trees on the other side. I often choose roads filled with wild sunflowers in Da Lat to drive on. The road to Ta Nung is so ordinary, but during the flower season it is always filled with enchanting yellow colors. Flowers bloom on the hills, flowers in the valley, flowers create a hug and wave to people passing by. Wild sunflowers are nature’s gift to Da Lat and for those who suddenly visit, it is to enjoy. Enjoy the whole Ngoan Muc pass, golden mountains and golden forests. Enjoy on the way to visit scenic spots and even the Xo Viet Nghe Tinh road is also filled with flowers. And so, October is like an appointment, all that remains is to get on the motorbike to go, to meet, to see.

A date in Da Lat is sometimes just a night to visit a certain grill or coffee shop. A date in Da Lat means stopping in a pine forest, on a street, sitting on a random stone bench, without strings attached. And in October, it’s time to jostle with wild sunflowers and admire them, that’s all.

The epidemic has temporarily subsided. Da Lat unexpectedly still has wild sunflowers on high slopes, on slopes and there are probably some couples who choose a flower bed to take photos to capture their youth. And even though the Nha Trang – Da Lat road is 140 kilometers long, it is still waiting for passing vehicles. Thinking to myself, can I drive like the old days, go through those places for my appointment in October?