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5.24.12Panoramic view of Mang La village, Ngoc Bay commune, City. Kon Tum on an early summer day.

Leave the city in less than five minutes, immersing yourself in the green space of the vast rubber forest on both sides of the highway. The hot summer air seemed to have disappeared, replaced by gentle cool breezes spreading across the ground, giving me an extremely pleasant feeling. It was even more fun when you introduced me meticulously to the life cycle of the rubber tree, which is a staple tree in the Central Highlands today, and witnessed the worker’s careful latex extraction process, which made my heart break. Many new things because the job seems simple but also requires the skill of the human hand and mind. Like a naive student with what she just discovered, her heart suddenly cheered when she heard the excitement. Through the layers of leaves, the sound of cicadas calls summer to come…

5.24.13 5.24.14

The rubber plots that are at harvest age are green, vast and full of latex exploitation scenes

is an ideal stop for tourists when coming to Cao Nguyen.

I got in the car to continue my journey, but my mind was still thinking about the rubber trees known as “white gold” in the Central Highlands and the hard work of people who only knew how to farm in the past. farming, everything is left to you Yang… Yet now they have grasped advanced techniques and mastered technology to enrich themselves and their homeland…

In just a few more minutes we stopped in the middle of Mang La village. As soon as I got off the bus, the scenery here captivated me from the first minute. Because in addition to the unique architecture, the stilt houses built with the same motif of the Ba Na people are quite clean and neat. But we also discovered that the architecture of the tall church in the middle of the village looks quite unique. With sophisticated ideas, the architects have created a campus that is very close to the culture of the local people so that when they come here to pray or play without feeling strange, like living in their own community. me. It is a harmonious combination of Western architecture with the indigenous stilt house style that gives the church the appearance of a communal house – the common house of the community…


Mang La Church, Ngoc Bay Commune, City. Kon Tum is decorated

quite unique, imbued with local cultural characteristics.

The entrance gate has been stylized by artisans decorated with ceramic pieces of chairs in many colors, creating an unmistakable unique feature. Going deeper inside, on both sides of the main door, there are typical images of the slash-and-burn culture and community activities outlined by pieces of tea that look very soulful, reviving the daily life of indigenous people such as the scene of the village. A family working together to clear the field, clear the grass, the husband poking holes, the wife planting seeds or the scene of young women pounding rice and pestling together has created a poetic impression for those who love Central Highlands culture.

5.24.16 5.24.17

Images imbued with the culture of ethnic minorities are simulated

With pieces of plaster on the Church wall, it looks very lively.

Indeed, when looking at these sketches, we feel like the scenery and people here are so peaceful, life is beautiful, simple but full of happiness, the community feeling is so strong as always. Being willing to help each other without any self-interest is an eternal instinct of the kind people here…

Leaving Mang La Church, we leisurely strolled on winding, shady paths. The stilt houses were built in the same style, making me unable to hide my curiosity.


All houses in the village are built of bricks but still complied

Local architecture has created a harmonious, beautiful campus.

It is known that the reason all the houses are built of brick but still retain the local architecture is because of the compensation from the YaLy hydroelectric plant when blocking the flow of water for the dry season, creating a semi-flooded area. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you should come to Mang La in the dry season, when the air is cold, the rubber forest sheds all its leaves, leaving only spindly branches, revealing the lovely village next door. a vast semi-flooded area… And at sunset combined with the winter air will create a magical, boundlessly beautiful space… which will definitely shake the hearts of those who love nature and love beauty.

Not only does the beautiful scenery here captivate people’s hearts, but it is the daily activities of the simple, honest, kind and hospitable people that keep visitors forever attached…

5.24.20 5.24.21

The image of a little girl carrying her younger sibling to go out or people taking advantage of the leisurely agricultural period to prepare

production tools… their life looks so peaceful and happy.

I wandered tirelessly through the small winding streets of the village as if hypnotized to explore the small world but containing so many things that a city person like me had long only had in my subconscious because of the hustle and bustle of life. The hustle and bustle and noise in the city have left the soul without any peace. Goodbye Mang La, in me always exist the typical beauty of Ba Na culture, the innocent smiles of children, the expressive handshakes of old people who silently promise to return to this place. this one day not too far away.

Articles, photos: Tuong Lam

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