Come to Kon Tum to enjoy sticky rice with fish and bamboo shoots

If the Northwest is famous for its colorful sticky rice dishes made from natural leaves, then in Kon Tum there is a unique fish bamboo shoot sticky rice dish. True to its name, the dish only includes sticky sticky rice, bamboo shoots and braised scampi.

Coming to Kon Tum City, looking for sticky rice with fish and bamboo shoots for breakfast, people will guide you to 59 Le Loi. The restaurant is very simple, consisting of only a few small plastic chairs, a glass cabinet containing ingredients and a large pot of sticky rice and porridge next to it. According to local people, the restaurant has been open since 1978. It has been more than 40 years now, but the food is still as delicious as the first day.

The shop owner said that to make delicious fish and bamboo shoot sticky rice, you have to be very careful right from the stage of choosing the ingredients. Sticky rice is made from sticky round sticky rice, soaked in water mixed with turmeric overnight and then cooked to a beautiful golden color. Braised bamboo shoots served with sticky rice must be small wild bamboo shoots found only in the Central Highlands. As for scad fish, to keep it fresh, the restaurant always orders it specifically from an acquaintance in Binh Dinh.

Come to Kon Tum to enjoy sticky rice with fish and bamboo shoots - Photo 1.

Sticky sticky rice, chewy bamboo shoots and flavorful braised fish, all the ingredients of the mountains, forests and sea mixed together are both fragrant and delicious. If you like spicy food, don’t forget to ask for more braised chili for more flavor.

To enjoy this dish, diners must come very early because the restaurant is only open from 5am to 8am. On busy days, at around 7:30 a.m. the shop is sold out. In addition to sticky rice with fish and bamboo shoots, the restaurant also sells bean porridge served with bamboo shoots and fish.

If you buy to take away, the sticky rice with fish and bamboo shoots will be wrapped in a layer of washed and cleaned banana leaves, both protecting the environment and creating a delicious feeling. In particular, depending on each person’s appetite and needs, you can buy fish bamboo shoot sticky rice or fish bamboo shoot porridge at many different prices, from only 5,000 – 15,000 VND.