Kon Tum anchovy rice paper specialty

Coming to the Central Highlands – Kon Tum, you cannot help but enjoy the delicious, attractive, rich anchovy rice paper from time immemorial, from a fun dish for men who often “go out” in the afternoons. on the river, now anchovy rice paper is gradually becoming known to many people and has become a famous specialty everywhere.


If you have the opportunity to travel to Kon Tum in an afternoon on the strangely peaceful Se San River. Next to the well-built floating houses, people shouted to each other to row boats, gathered at the house of the head of Hai Trieu hamlet to welcome guests from far away. After a few minutes of asking and greeting each other, shaking hands and greeting each other, everyone agreed. Take advantage of picking spinach, preparing fish, and preparing fresh dishes to entertain guests.

Under the flickering electric light emitted from the battery, the rice tray is still extremely attractive. The tough and chewy fish hot pot with steamed vegetables, fragrant and smoky, is attractive at first sight, the grilled rock tilapia, fried anchovies are golden, crispy, sweet, salty and salty, eaten with Hot rice is absolutely delicious… There are many attractive dishes, but when anchovy rice paper appears, the rice tray immediately has a new “focus”.

Before your eyes, golden anchovies lie neatly on a layer of hot rice paper, the aroma of fish and spices makes everyone even more excited and want to enjoy. Break a piece and dip it into the prepared bowl of chili sauce, chew slowly to feel the rich flavor. The rice paper is crispy, slowly chewed, the salty, sweet, chewy, spicy anchovy flavor comes out, giving you a wonderful feeling.


This anchovy rice paper was made from the ideas of the people here. At first it was only made to enjoy, but gradually tourists came to enjoy it and spread the word about it. Since then, the cake has become known to many people as a specialty. renowned.

To get an anchovy rice paper, you have to go through quite a few steps. First, the freshly caught anchovies will be washed thoroughly before processing. After that, the fish is placed in a basket to drain and then marinated with spices according to the traditional recipe, pounding sugar, MSG, chili, and onions to taste and then mixing well into the anchovies. After marinating the fish with spices, it will be placed on rice paper. Normally, for every 1kg of dried anchovies, you can make about 7 anchovy rice paper cakes. After arranging the fish, the remaining step is drying the fish. When dried, the fish will stick to the rice paper, the worker just needs to put it in a basket and leave it in a dry place, then prepare it when ready to eat.

With anchovy rice paper, because it is fully marinated with spices, if you want to eat it, just fry it in a pan or grill under charcoal for a few minutes and you will have a plate of crispy, fragrant rice paper. Anchovy rice paper is really very attractive and interesting. It’s also delicious to eat with rice and there’s nothing better than it as a snack for drinking.

cc3Nowadays, anchovy rice paper is chosen by many diners to bring home as gifts, during their journey to visit the Central Highlands – Kom Tum. Many tourists also shared that they like this cake because it has a rich flavor and costs only 5,000 VND/piece. Although this is not the main source of income, it also helps people here earn more income. In particular, thanks to anchovy rice paper, the fishing village on the Se San river is known to more people. Many people travel long distances to come here not only to admire the scenery and learn about life in floating houses but also to enjoy fish specialties on the land of vast mountains and forests.

Many tourists also invite each other to go to Ia H’Drai, watch the long sunny sunset, eat thin anchovy rice paper, and enjoy the gentle scenery of the village here.