Traditional, delicious Kon Tum noodle soup

On spring days, if you are bored with fish meat and spring rolls, please try the noodle dish – simple but unique of the mountain town people. The impression from this unique dish is the sweetness of the broth, fresh vermicelli, the spiciness of crushed chili salt and the sweetness of the water used to boil the fresh vermicelli. A rustic, elegant dish that warms people’s hearts, very suitable for cold early mornings.

May 9, 2014 dl
Kon Tum noodle soup

Bun nuoc – simple as the name suggests, it does not have the attractive aroma of Hanoi Bun cha, is not a big and greasy bowl like Hue beef vermicelli, nor does it have the rich appearance of Southern fish sauce vermicelli. . Kon Tum noodle soup originates from Binh Dinh shrimp vermicelli, perhaps during the process of colonizing the Northern Central Highlands, the martial people brought their unique dish, but modified it to suit the needs of Vietnamese people. taste and raw material sources in the mountain town. Many people who eat it for the first time do not enjoy this vermicelli dish because the broth is made from water used to boil the vermicelli, has a slightly flat taste, is not sweet, fatty, or rich like the broth of other types of vermicelli with pork sausage, vermicelli with beef, vermicelli with vermicelli, etc. …But that creates a very unique flavor, the sweet taste creates a simple, gentle look, a “hidden charm” of noodle soup that makes many people “befriend” without even realizing it. Kon Tum noodle soup has a very unique look, attracting eaters with its uniqueness and sweetness in each freshly made vermicelli, from the light, clear white broth, from a little shrimp, a little minced meat, and just the right amount. . Especially when returning from a long distance or when you feel tired and have difficulty eating or drinking, a bowl of simple noodle soup will easily make you more comfortable, adding a little perilla to relieve the cold.

The first special feature that diners can recognize is that noodle soup uses fresh vermicelli, just out of the oven and still hot, not mass-processed, pre-purchased vermicelli. Recently, information about vermicelli soaked in chemicals to make it white, chewy, and long-lasting has spread on the market, causing many people to worry. When you come to enjoy vermicelli noodle soup, you will witness the process of making vermicelli as soon as you enter the restaurant, so you can feel more secure with the quality of your breakfast. The seller must choose a good type of rice, soak it for a certain time so that the rice is moderately soft, and when ground, it becomes a powder that is both white and smooth. Each vermicelli shop has its own vermicelli making machine. After clearing the goods, the shop owner begins pouring in rice flour. The flour is pressed into vermicelli stalks, dropped into the pot of boiling water below, and waits for the rice vermicelli stalks to turn white. opaque turns clear white when cooked. They use a colander to scoop out the vermicelli and briefly shock it in cold water. The vermicelli noodles are very small, soft and clear, with a fresh flavor.

June 9, 2014 dl
The noodle making machine is placed neatly in the corner of the shop

Noodle soup cannot lack a bit of crushed shrimp. You must use fresh shrimp and snap it to create a natural, attractive sweetness. Wash the shrimp, cut off the head and tail, marinate with a little purple onion, add a few eggs to the mixture, then put in a stone mortar and puree until the shrimp meat is smooth like powder and chewy. The taste of the noodle soup is light and slightly sweet, not the strong sweetness of the bones or fish meat. When guests arrive, the vermicelli bowl is prepared very quickly. Scoop a spoonful of crushed shrimp meat into the bowl, add a few peeled shrimp, add a few slices of minced beef, and then scoop out the water to boil the vermicelli. Boil, pour into a bowl, stir well, sprinkle with a few stalks of cilantro, fresh bean sprouts, and a little pepper powder. The shop owner skillfully arranged a plate of fresh, hot mud and brought it out with a bowl of water. When eating, depending on the guest’s taste, squeeze fresh lemon, add salt and chili for flavor, add a few purple perilla stalks, then pick up the vermicelli and dip it in to eat. Looking at the steaming bowl of vermicelli and water, it’s absolutely delicious. We don’t see the rich, fatty yellow of the broth, but only see the milky white color with very gentle cool green onion stalks. A delicious bowl of noodle soup has the sweet taste of pureed fresh shrimp, the hot fresh vermicelli, the characteristic aroma of perilla leaves, the spicy taste of green chili, the sour taste of lemon, all creating a unique scent. very unique taste. Enjoy each piece of fresh vermicelli that is chewy, soft, and still retains the sweetness of the rice, along with each delicious piece of peeled shrimp. I think there is no type of vermicelli that can guarantee the purity and freshness like Kon Tum vermicelli.

The best way to eat Kon Tum vermicelli is in the early mornings when it’s still cold, the fog covers the new streets, you sit and wait for the seller to make fresh vermicelli, then you taste the spicy taste to see the unique deliciousness. Many people have just eaten it. The first time I didn’t like it, but after eating it a few times I was addicted to it. Addicted to the gentle milky white color of the vermicelli noodles, to the fragrant smell of onions and addicted to the pleasure of sitting and watching the vendor make fresh vermicelli right in front of you./.