Delicious taste and reputation of Dak Ha coffee


Pure white coffee flowers

Nature’s favor

From the center of Kon Tum city to the North about 20 km, Dak Ha town shows a rich beauty in immense green, winding slopes, straight rows of coffee trees squeezing from hill to hill. another hill. Dak Ha is the midpoint between Kon Tum town and Dak To district, not too large, just like a beautiful highlight on National Highway 14 through the Central Highlands. Nature has endowed Dak Ha with wonderful conditions to become one of the 8 best coffee regions in Vietnam: located at an altitude of about 500m – 600m above sea level, in a rich basalt red soil with natural properties. Good physical and mechanical properties, high water retention and nutrient absorption capacity, pellet structure with average porosity of 62-65%. Dak Ha is located in the Po Ko river basin, where there is the Plei Krong hydroelectric project and a dense lake system (Dak Uy lake, Dak Lot lake, Ka Sam lake,…) capable of regularly supplying water to the surrounding areas. large coffee fields.

These conditions are very suitable for Robusta coffee plants and over time have created a reputation for Dak Ha coffee with its characteristic properties of strong caffeine content, strong taste, and low acidity. Pure Dak Ha coffee has a rich taste of butter, oil or caramel, mixed with the taste of sunshine and highland wind… Coffee connoisseurs say: If Buon Ma Thuot coffee has a mild bitter taste, giving users boldness and determination; Sour Dak Mil coffee brings contemplation and depth; While Long Khanh and Dong Nai coffee brings a fiery excitement, the fatty and fragrant taste of Dak Ha coffee brings joy and warmth to those who sip it.

Dak Ha in immense coffee green color

Coffee reputation

Thanks to coffee, Dak Ha’s economy develops rapidly, the small town changes day by day, thousands of coffee farming households not only escape poverty but also have a well-off, full life. Rising among the vast green coffee fields, are the beautiful colors of spacious houses and straight asphalt roads, the most obvious expression of the “new countryside” model. Through a long process of attachment to coffee trees, Dak Ha people increasingly love their land and the rich green color of coffee. They accumulate experience in planting and caring for, improving the quality and yield of coffee trees. During the harvest season, Dak Ha seems to be immersed in crimson color and coffee beans are everywhere: on the fields, in front of the house, on the main road… forming a very vibrant atmosphere.

Coffee season is ripe

Coffee flowers 3 times a year and also ripens in 3 waves. If growers only focus on harvesting once, the ratio of green fruit mixed with ripe fruit is quite large. The quality of Dak Ha coffee beans is created thanks to natural conditions, “favorable weather”, but to create a sustainable reputation for Dak Ha coffee, there must be an element of “harmony”. Recognizing the potential and reputation of Dak Ha coffee, coffee businesses in the area are aiming to standardize Dak Ha coffee – investing in developing high quality coffee, building a clean coffee brand. – strategic and highly effective steps. Coffee is seriously invested in following the clean coffee process right from care to harvesting and processing. First of all, encourage farmers to take care of coffee according to technical standards, limit reliance on using too much chemical fertilizer, and instead use organic fertilizers (green manure, compost, organic fertilizer). microbiology…). Next, harvesting coffee must ensure that the beans ripen evenly and have stable quality. Build a drying yard and coffee dryer for farmers, so that the coffee is dried sufficiently and is not moldy. Regarding processing technology, it is a fact that currently on the market nationwide in general and Kon Tum in particular, powdered coffee is mixed with many additives such as corn, soybeans, or chemicals of unknown origin. origin. That not only takes away the pure delicious taste of coffee but also greatly affects the health of the user. Therefore, clean coffee processors are required to know how to select quality coffee beans and have the know-how to combine and mix them in reasonable proportions to be able to produce a quality cup of coffee.

A standard cup of Dak Ha coffee must be clean coffee with characteristic color and flavor. The coffee is not pure black but dark cockroach brown. When adding ice, the color becomes diluted, looking very beautiful under the sunlight. The consistency is moderate, not too thick (because if the coffee is thick and mixed together, it means it’s been mixed with too much cornstarch or soybeans). An important thing is that the coffee flavor is unique and rich in its own way. Keeps the authentic fragrance intact, with a gentle, gentle scent when first mixed. As time goes on, the scent of coffee becomes deeper and more delicate and captivating… The feeling of sipping a cup of pure coffee is hard to describe, just know that it is truly an unforgettable moment for your lover. authentic coffee. Preserving the full aroma and delicious taste of pure Dak Ha coffee is also preserving the quintessence of the soul of the Central Highlands people./.

Ha Oanh