Mang Den – Muse of the mountains and forests

Mang Den is about 50 km northeast of Kon Tum city along Highway 24.

The name Mang Den is from the name T’mang deng of the Mo Nam people. Blessed by nature with a special climate, Mang Den has a mysterious attraction to those who have been here.

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From Kon Tum city, you will experience a beautiful road that has been completed. Feeling smooth when gliding the steering wheel through curves or winding s-shaped passes. Mang Den pass can be said to be one of the most beautiful passes in the Central Highlands before you reach Mang Den town.

Mang Den is not noisy or crowded, not bustling with beauty, Mang Den is quiet and attractive like a charming mountain girl, so charming and full of charm.

At an altitude of 1200m above sea level, embraced by green forests, Den bamboo shoots are like a muse sleeping in a blanket of mist. The pine forests are always like this

Also open your arms to welcome the wind and welcome guests from all over.

Coming to Mang Den, you will not only be impressed by the pine forest, but also attracted by the small, beautiful townhouses and homestays looming under the pine trees. Each villa, each homestay is dressed in different colors: yellow, blue, white, red… creating a warm and impressive picture of colors along the town’s roads.

What’s special about Mang Den is that no matter what season you come here, you can admire the blooming flowers. Purple flowers filled with hope you will meet along the roads. Bright yellow mimosa flowers shimmer in the sunlight.

Coming to Pa Sy waterfall, you will see colorful flower gardens along with white waterfalls all year round. Dak Ke Lake is like a sleeping princess in a fairy tale forest, always shimmering and misty.

Eban Farm – steppe of flowers: myrtle, hydrangea, apricot tree… and fruit garden. You will have interesting experiences when staying at this homestay on the steppe to absorb the sun, wind and colors of the mountains and forests.

On the basalt soil, clean vegetable and fruit gardens under the Mang Den brand will give you a feeling of safety and freshness. Youth and new things appear more and more clearly in this land, as many young people have come here to start their lives and start-up projects.

Thien My Farm will let you experience agricultural tourism with unique vegetables, tubers, and fruits.

Ho Dam Bri gives you moments of relaxation

With fishing rods and lake garden cuisine.

Mang Den is mysteriously beautiful. Indeed. You can calm down when you go to Khanh Lam Pagoda located in the lonely pine forest. I walked up the stairs from the asphalt to the temple. The stairs leading up and winding along the pine forest suddenly reminded me of the temple scene in Shaolin Temple that I had seen in swordplay movies. But here the air I feel is very real, very clear. The sound of the bell ringing in the vast mountains and forests gave me a feeling of calmness and purity.

The statue of Our Lady of Mang Den is one of them

Catholic pilgrimage site of Kon Tum diocese and also an ecotourism destination that you will not miss.

Whether it is Khanh Lam Pagoda or the statue of the Virgin Mary, you will feel peace in your heart to focus on the mind, goodness, beauty, and live a good life.

When is the best season to visit Mang Den?

To me, Mang Den is beautiful in any season. Every season, I am still filled with emotions about Den bamboo shoots.

In the last days of the year, heaven and earth are in harmony, winter and spring are reuniting, and Mang Den is more beautiful than ever because the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom.

Mai Anh Dao is planted along the town roads. From the pass to the district administrative center, Dak Ke lake, Khanh Lam pagoda.

Everywhere you look, you will be fascinated and captivated by the charming cherry blossom petals of a bright pink color. The peach branches move gracefully with the wind like the hands of a young woman in a passionate dance.

The surface of Dak Ke Lake reflects curved flower petals, as seductive as curled eyelashes over clear eyes. The flower’s hands stretch out like a graceful spring girl looking in the mirror. Mang Den is changing his shirt color. Spring is knocking on the door here.

Faced with the surprising beauty of the blooming plum blossom season, I feel like I don’t have enough words to say everything about Mang Den.

Mang Den is not sparkling brightly, but it is the wildness of the mountains and forests that attracts visitors when they come here. During the cherry blossom season, people flock to Mang Den to hunt for flowers and take souvenir photos. The flowing ao dai, the scarves hanging loosely on the shoulders of the girls and sisters; The gorgeous wedding dresses of brides coming here make the small mountain town even more romantic.

If you leave Mang Den without enjoying the dish of bamboo tube rice – grilled chicken, it is a mistake to have been to Mang Den. Specialties of the Central Highlands with reasonable prices and quality fish. Convenient service that can be taken away or consumed on the spot makes it convenient for you to explore Mang Den.

Hotpot with pepper, hotpot of fish cooked with sour bamboo shoots, or hotpot of strabismus fish are also rich in the typical flavor of Mang Den, because of the chilly climate of heaven and earth here.

The gentle and clear Mang Den is changing every day.

Mang Den is the muse of Kon Tum mountains and forests.