Kon Tum Travel – Explore Beautiful Places and Delicious Food in the Central Highlands in 1 day

Kon Tum Travel – Travel to the Central Highlands and explore Kon Tum with beautiful places and the most delicious typical dishes. Due to its special location, Kon Tum is a flat land, surrounded by the Dakbla River and deposited with fertile alluvium. Experiencing the upheavals and ups and downs of history, this land has undergone many changes, with people from all ethnic groups gathering here in increasing numbers. When Kinh people came to the Central Highlands, they also chose Kon Tum as a place to settle. Since then, Kon Tum has become a residential area of many ethnic groups.


00:00 Overview of Kon Tum City tourism
00:48 Introducing Kon Tum City
04:30 Enjoy delicious Kon Tum Sticky Rice
07:24 Visit Kon Tum Wooden Church
12:05 Visit the entire Kon Tum Bishopric
17:51 Enjoy delicious Kon Tum Leaf Salad
24:46 Visit Kon Klor Kon Tum Suspension Bridge
27:45 Visit Kon Klor Kon Tum Communal House
34:57 Visit Kon Tum Prison