Cloud hunting spots in Mang Den

Kon Tum When the rattan hunting season in the North is about to end, the rattan season in the Central Highlands, including Mang Den, begins again.

Mang Den is a small town in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, at an average altitude of 1,000 – 1,500 m above sea level. There are many pine forests here, the climate is cool all year round, ranging from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius, with an average humidity of 82 – 84%, according to the Kon Plong district electronic information portal.

According to Do Do, an indigenous person, from February to June, the weather is dry with little rain. This is the right time for tourists to come to Mang Den, when the rattan hunting season in the northern mountainous provinces is about to end.

Mang Den town center is in the new rattan hunting season.  Photo: Do ​​Do

Mang Den town center is in the new rattan hunting season. Photo: Do ​​Do

The most suitable time for cloudiness and visibility is around 4am to 5am. However, depending on the location and weather situation, the sea of ​​clouds may appear earlier or later. Even in places where the clouds are thick, you can still see a sea of ​​clouds near noon, Mr. Do Do said.

The rattan hunting spots below are suggested by experienced natives. A note for tourists is that they should not go alone, especially to places with complicated paths such as Ngoc Le peak or the 37-household area.

Hill of Our Lady of Mang Den

Located on Tran Nhan Tong Street, Our Lady of Mang Den Pilgrimage Center, commonly known as Our Lady of Mang Den Hill, is a familiar rattan hunting location. From Mang Den town center, visitors can easily get here by bicycle, motorbike, car or even jogging. Travel time is about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the vehicle.

This location is suitable for tourists staying overnight in Mang Den town. On the way to Virgin Mary Hill, there are also a few other places where if you are lucky you can see clouds.

Vo Nguyen Giap Street

Cloud hunting corner from Vo Nguyen Giap street in the town center.  Photo: Do ​​Do

Cloud hunting corner from Vo Nguyen Giap street in the town center. Photo: Do ​​Do

Another rattan hunting location near the center of Mang Den town is 73 Vo Nguyen Giap street. Similar to Virgin Mary Hill, it only takes visitors about 5 to 15 minutes to travel if they are within town.

This is a quiet corner for early morning tourists. The wooden floors are an ideal place to admire the vast space with the mountain ranges running one after another. On beautiful days, you can almost always see a sea of ​​white clouds when sitting here.

Area of ​​37 households

About 9 km from the center of Mang Den town, the 37-household area in Kon Tu Rang village, Mang Canh commune is a famous rattan hunting place in Mang Den. In the early morning, clouds covered the valley between the hills. From this area, you can see the sea of ​​clouds in the valley below and the peak of Ngoc Le mountain in the distance. Visitors can choose a corner in coffee shops or homestays and watch the clouds through glass windows, or go to higher roof decks to take photos with a clear view.

Ms. Hao, owner of a homestay in an area of ​​37 households, said the road from the center of Mang Den town to here is quite difficult to travel, with many dirt roads. If you don’t want to get up early and spend too much time traveling, you can rent a homestay right in the area to conveniently hunt clouds the next morning.

Ngoc Le Peak

About 10 km from the center of Mang Den town, Ngoc Le peak, 1,720 m high, is a trekking route to explore beautiful nature and has a panoramic view of Mang Den. Because the peak is quite high, to get here, visitors will have to trek a long distance, lasting about four hours. The most suitable experience is climbing the mountain the day before and camping overnight to be able to see the sea of ​​clouds early in the morning.

Having hunted clouds on Ngoc Le peak, Mr. Nguyen Le Nguyen Thanh shared that there has never been a sea of ​​clouds as beautiful and attractive to him as the clouds here. On one side is a green lawn with an area of ​​more than 20 hectares like a miniature steppe with giant orphan rocks, below is the canopy of primeval forest and ancient pine trees hidden in the clouds.

Viring Village

Viring Village.  Photo: Do ​​Do

Viring Village. Photo: Do ​​Do

This location is 17 km from Mang Den town center. From here, you can admire the vast sea of ​​clouds, the upper Kon Tum hydroelectric lake (Dak Tang lake) and Viring village. From the town center, to reach the village, it will take tourists about 45 minutes to travel.

Mr. Do shared that in addition to hunting clouds in the early morning, visitors can also watch the sunset on Dak Tang Lake, explore the beauty of Viring village and can experience camping.

Violak Pass

The furthest among the rattan hunting locations in Mang Den is Violak Pass, about 50 km from the town center, between Kon Plong district of Kon Tum and Ba To district of Quang Ngai. According to Mr. Do’s experience, to hunt clouds at Violak Pass, visitors should camp overnight.

Although it is farther away than other locations, for Mr. Do, Violak Pass possesses the most impressive and thick sea of ​​clouds scenery. “Once I came here at 10 o’clock and still could see the sea of ​​clouds,” Mr. Do shared.

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