Kon Tum, returning to the great forest

Provincial leaders visited the Martyrs' Cemetery and the Stele House to honor the martyrs of Division 10‘Coming to Kon Tum in the first days of the new year, we, who are passionate about travel, started our journey from Ho Chi Minh City with much enthusiasm’, shared Vo Thi Hoai Thu. .

Picture 1 Kon Tum on a sunny day, a peaceful and innocent city like baby Bana carrying wild orchids to the market.

Our journey went to the Mang Den plateau, Chu Mom Ray national park and the Indochina junction, so the group mostly just traveled on the road and did not stop anywhere for long. Parking a motorbike on a car is the optimal choice for three days of climbing passes, crossing forests, and crossing mountains.

Picture 2 We went through mountain passes crisscrossing cassava fields, reed slopes, and vast expanses of deep blue sky to reach the Mang Den plateau. Picture3 Looking far away, the whole plain with the winding Dakbla River and simple villages suddenly appeared.
Figure 4 Mang Den appears with immense green pine trees and a cool and pleasant climate all year round. Considered the second city of Da Lat, Mang Den is a wonderful resort with lakes, waterfalls, flowers and thousands of unexplored and unexploited pine forests. Figure 5 Pha Sy Waterfall is less than four kilometers from the center of Mang Den, imbued with wildness. Figure 6 The sound of the waterfall is strong, passionate, resounding like the heart of thousands of people here. Figure 7 Peach blossoms bloom early. Picture8 Returning to the center, we watched the Central Highlands peach branches bloom early with white and pink flowers dotted next to the communal house in the cool early spring. Figure 9 The afternoon gradually falls on the lake, filled with thoughts.

Our group prepared some food, tents and enjoyed the night air together at an altitude of over 1,000m. This is a wonderful experience when coming to Mang Den. If you come here, don’t forget to prepare yourself with all the necessary items and warm blankets because at night this place is often cold below 10 degrees Celsius. The cold air and wind blowing past you make everyone feel like they need to find warmth and fire. , humanity. We sat together around the warm fire, listening to the music and singing in the warm steam of wine and in the eyes we exchanged.

Figure 10 Sobbing inside us is always the image of the flickering firelight of the Central Highlands.

If Mang Den is a sleeping princess still shy about spring, then Chu Mom Ray is a mysterious, strong and hard-to-win young man. The road to Chu Mom Ray goes through dense forests, streams, and rough, rocky slopes that make turning the motorbike throttle all the way and squeezing the brakes tiring.

Figure 12 From Chu Mom Ray, we traveled through the night to Sa Thay on dusty, misty roads and suddenly woke up early in the morning to cool, small streams. Figure 13 The next day, we continued to go to Indochina intersection. Early morning with wild reeds, lingering night dew and deep blue sky.
Figure 14 Small road passing through the mountainside. Figure 15 We seemed to burst with happiness as we saw the mesmerizingly beautiful winding roads on the final road. Figure 16 Then we touched the Indochina Junction landmark, where the rooster crowing from three countries could be heard. We stand on a milestone that recognizes the pride in our hearts for our beloved Fatherland. Before coming here, you should stop by the border station to register to avoid trouble.

We have “moved”, each time we “moved” we love our country more and more, seeing everywhere in our homeland Vietnam is beautiful. So that every time we return to daily life, each of us will be happy with the simple and ordinary things. As for me, “Simply live to go”.

Vo Thi Thu Hoai

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Provincial leaders visited the Martyrs' Cemetery and the Stele House to honor the martyrs of Division 10
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