Kon Klor suspension bridge is the most beautiful in the Central Highlands

Kon Klor Kon Tum suspension bridge is the most beautiful in the Central Highlands, a romantic suspension bridge connecting the two banks of the Dak Bla river, a legendary river flowing back to the West of the Central Highlands.


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Located in the heart of beautiful Kon Tum city, Kon Klor suspension bridge is one of the attractive and poetic tourist destinations of Kon Tum province. The suspension bridge is located in Kon Klor village, Kon Tum city. Anyone who has been here has commented that: Kon Klor Kon Tum suspension bridge is the most beautiful in the Central Highlands. This romantic suspension bridge connects the two banks of the Dak Bla River, a legendary river flowing back to the West of the Central Highlands, flowing from Quang Ngai to the Yaly hydroelectric power plant, connecting Kon Tum city with the new economic zone. .

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Photo: Ban Nguyen, a corner of Kon K’lor afternoon

On February 3, 1993, construction of the suspension bridge began amid the joy and expectations of the people and local authorities. Then, on May 1, 1994, the suspension bridge, 292m long and 4.5m wide, was completed and put into use, playing an extremely important role. Crossing the gentle Dak Bla river, in the dry season, the pebbles are bare, in the rainy season like the open eyes of an old mother, the suspension bridge is like a delicate ivory comb, in harmony with the river. On late afternoons, the shadow of the majestic bridge is reflected in the calm water. Under that pale yellow afternoon sun, carts filled with potatoes and cassava that had just been harvested that day, farmers rushing home after a day of hard work and children playing in the lane. The water is cool and fresh, creating a peaceful atmosphere of the majestic Central Highlands mountains and forests.

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The blue of the water and sky also blends with the color of the mulberry fields embracing Kon Klor. Kon Klor Bridge has caught the rhythm of the riverbanks, bringing people closer together, bringing nature closer together, heaven and earth closer together and people’s hearts warmed. Lovebirds and couples often choose Kon Klor suspension bridge as a place to take photos or confide in for that reason!

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During the journey to visit the suspension bridge, visitors can visit the Bah Nar Kon Klor ethnic village on the right bank of the river, drink with them wine and then set out to cross the river through the suspension bridge to reach an alluvial land. rich. These are banana gardens, coffee gardens and fruit trees. Running about 6km along the winding road, visitors arrive at Kon Ko Tu village, a Bah Nar ethnic village that still retains its living features and pristine natural scenery.

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At the end of the journey, visitors will return to the ancient space of the Bah Nar people. Stay up all night to enter the world of endless epic stories, warm with alcohol in a traditional Rong house. Then tomorrow, when you leave here, in addition to souvenirs, you will also bring with you a whole region of memories, a unique cultural treasure of the people here.