Follow 9X Saigon to explore Mang Den – miniature Da Lat in the middle of Kon Tum

If you are too bored with crowded and noisy tourist destinations, Mang Den (Kon Tum) is an ideal suggestion for you. Please refer to the experience of the 9X boy below to have a perfect trip.


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Recently, young man Le Tuan My – currently a student at the University of Technology (HCMC) had a wonderful 4-day and 3-night experience trip to Mang Den – a place known as the “muse” of Vietnam. Kon Tum.

Sharing about the trip, Tuan My said: “I have known about Mang Den for a long time but have never had the opportunity to go. Recently, because of some stress, I decided to come to this place. This is a not too famous tourist destination, still retaining the wild and charming features of nature.”

As a town in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, Mang Den is naturally blessed with seven lakes and three waterfalls with sweet, clear blue water all year round. That’s why this place is considered a “miniature Da Lat” in the heart of Kon Tum.

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“In Mang Den, it is not crowded with many tourists or crowded restaurants like other places. This is truly a peaceful town, bringing relaxation to visitors. Although there are not many tourists, there are many convenient places to stay here, making the trip easier and safer,” Tuan My added.

According to Tuan My’s experience, Mang Den is small, only going for half a day, but if you want to explore the most natural things, a month is not enough. The 9X boy confided: “I remember the mornings of riding a motorbike, breathing in the mist and cool breeze, driving around the pine hills, winding small roads on the hillsides. Remember the beautiful little villas located under the canopy of pine forests, the lovely lakes hidden in the valleys. I remember the brothers and sisters who left the city to come here to start a business, everyone was optimistic and full of energy.”

Tuan My’s detailed Mang Den travel experience

Weather in Mang Den:

The rainy season in Mang Den starts in May and lasts until the end of November every year. During the rainy season, there are not many tourists visiting, but it will be the time for you to fully enjoy the beauty of Mang Den. Spring is the most beautiful season here because there are cherry blossoms blooming everywhere, the scenery is as beautiful as Da Lat.

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Tuan My said that going to Mang Den by sleeper bus is the most convenient because Kon Tum does not have an airport. There are many cars going directly from Saigon to Mang Den and Tuan My chose Phuong Thu bus company with a ticket price of 230,000 VND/trip. The bus departs at 5:30 p.m. and arrives at Mang Den at 6 a.m. the next morning.

There are many different bus companies for you to choose from such as Minh Quoc, Phuong Thu,… Or if you want to explore Kon Tum city, you can choose bus routes to Kon Tum city and then go to Mang Den by bus. inter-district.

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Tuan My shared: “5 days before departure, I continuously checked the weather situation in Mang Den. The temperature always ranges from 16 – 22 degrees Celsius, which is ideal, but I always hope it won’t rain when I arrive.

The Saigon boy’s trip started at 5:30 p.m. at Mien Dong Bus Station and arrived at Mang Den at 6:00 p.m. “The car took me straight to the villa where I had booked a room in advance. Stepping out of the car is a wonderful feeling that cannot be described. The weather at this time is cold, with a bit of drizzle, the air is fragrant with the scent of plants and especially the thin white mist covering the pine tops. Because I was so surprised, when I checked in, I decided to stay another day,” Tuan My said.

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Regarding the itinerary to go to Mang Den, because there are not too many tourist attractions and the destinations are quite close to each other, it only takes one day to go. The Saigon boy added: “Mang Den is a very pleasant place, you can come quickly, leave quickly, or stay for many days longer to forget the chaos outside. If you want to visit quickly or just come to check-in, one day is enough, but if you want to learn about the strange and interesting things of nature, perhaps a month is still missing. I will not give a specific schedule because this is a very interesting place, every day there will be many surprises to welcome you.”


In Mang Den, there are many small, cute, and moderately priced homestays, ranging from 300,000 VND – 400,000 VND/night/double room with full amenities or cheaper dorm room.

Some outstanding places to stay include La Plateau, Sum Villa, Toki Mang Den, Mang Den Dai Ngan. There are also long-standing hotels such as Hoa Sim, Doi Thong, Hoang Vu,…

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During his trip, Tuan My chose to stay at Wonder Warm Hostel, a beautiful small villa with friendly and cheerful owners. “Because I didn’t want to eat too much on the sidewalk, I asked my brothers and sisters to let me eat at the same house and so I could enjoy the cozy feeling like family members,” Tuan My confided.

Vist location:

The 9X guy said: “Mang Den does not have as many locations as other tourist areas, but overall, this place has countless beautiful scenes that just need to turn on the camera and there will be a whole collection for you. The winding roads, on both sides are green pine trees, the faint smell of pine resin, the fresh climate and the chirping of birds are the special features here.

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Outstanding destinations in Mang Den include: Dak Ke lake, Pa Sy waterfall, Toong Dam lake (Hoang Vu tourist area), Kon Bring village, Kon Von Kle village, Our Lady of Mang Den and a number of farms. In particular, villa areas will be ideal photography locations because everything is naturally beautiful and not arranged by human hands.

Eat and drink:

According to Tuan My, there are not many places to eat here, but in general the prices are reasonable because it is still a small town that has not been adversely affected by tourism. Typical dining locations here include:

– Co Sinh grilled chicken: A very famous place, delicious chicken with a very fragrant flavor of forest leaves.

– Spicy hot pot: In the cold weather, eating spicy hot pot with friends will definitely be great. The sweet hot pot broth with natural spices will make you want to eat it forever.

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In addition, some roadside shops are quite clean and reasonably priced. In the evening, very few shops are open here, only the district market has a few small shops. Eating in these places will make you feel as if you have returned to your childhood days.

Mean of transportation:

In Mang Den, there are many places to rent motorbikes. Tuan My chose to rent a motorbike at Tuyet Son villa, the owner is very funny and friendly. Price is about 150,000 VND/day. In particular, you should rent a manual car, do not rent a cub because you will not be able to climb the pass.

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Tuan My’s total cost for this trip is 2,500,000 VND.

With not too high a cost but the opportunity to enjoy relaxation and extremely beautiful scenery, Mang Den deserves to be a new destination for you if you want to enjoy peaceful moments. If you like excitement, Mang Den will not be the right choice for you.