Y Hai Waterfall Attractive destination

Road to Y Hai waterfall

On a working occasion in Tu Mo Rong district (Kon Tum), through a picture introduction about Y Hai waterfall, Mang Ri commune by a brother, I “fell in love” right from the first photo. Along with the invitation “the road is easy to follow”, it urged me to “see” the charming beauty of the waterfall.

Choosing a weekend day off, I decided to go to Y Hai waterfall. Starting from Kon Tum city, after nearly 2 hours of driving, going through a long windy road, I arrived at Mang Ri commune. To find the way to the waterfall and hear interesting stories about this waterfall, the leader of Mang Ri commune took me to the house of village elder A Nit in Long Lay village, who is considered an indigenous person here.

Elder An Nit is over 70 years old this year. The old man’s life is attached to the Mang Ri mountains and forests, and Y Hai waterfall is attached to him like a friend.

Following old An Nit, we followed the smooth concrete inter-village road deep into Dak Don village. Y Hai Waterfall is located on the top of the slope, at the end of Dak Don village. While walking, admire the scenery and learn more about the life and activities of the Xo Dang people in Dak Don village. And then, Y Hai waterfall appeared to my surprise.

Y Hai Waterfall Attractive destination The highest level of Y Hai waterfall is like a silk strip swaying in the middle of the cool green forest. Photo: VT

Seen from a distance, Y Hai waterfall floats like a white silk strip swaying on the undulating gray rocks in the middle of the cool green jungle. The closer you get, the more echoing the sound of water flowing down from the waterfall becomes. Looking up from below, each piece of water poured from above, hitting large rocks and then splashing thousands of water jets, strong and aggressive like animals in the forest.

Standing on the suspension bridge across the stream in the middle of the waterfall, old A Nit pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. Looking into the distance, he took a long drag of his cigarette, slowly exhaling blue smoke in the romantic space and telling interesting stories about the falls.

A stream of 3 names

“This waterfall is divided into 3 levels, we are standing in the middle of the flow called Y Hai, the upper and lower levels, although sharing the same flow, have two different names” – old A Nit confided.

Y Hai Waterfall Attractive destination The highest level of the waterfall is named Y Vai. Photo: VT

Pointing in the distance, at the highest level of the waterfall, old man A Nit called it Y Vai waterfall, and in the opposite direction, the waterfall flowing at the lowest level was called A Manh. Explaining the strangeness of the name, old An Nit smiled gently: Y Hai is a name from ancient times, while the names Y Vai and A Manh are the names of a couple, recently given by their grandparents.

According to the old man, the family of Ms. Y Vai and Mr. A Manh is a model family, living very happily and prosperously, the children in the family are successful, harmonious and filial to their parents. Everyone in the village admired it, so later they named the waterfall after the couple so everyone could remember it. For Xo Dang people, in the family, women play a very important role in building a happy and prosperous family. Therefore, the highest level of the waterfall, the whole village agreed to name the waterfall after his wife; The husband’s name is given to the floors below.

The story was passed down to each other, Y Hai waterfall was considered a “god” by people. Old An Nit pulled my hand along the dirt road leading down to the waterfall. On both sides of the road were “old” trees with many different shapes and positions. Some trees are shaped like a waterfall, their shadow is a beam on the water, some trees grow on rocks with roots embracing multi-colored rocks like a dragon coiled around a “jewel”. There are flat rocks with a diameter as big as a counter, a place for groups of tourists to sit, relax, and immerse themselves in wild nature.

Y Hai Waterfall Attractive destination Y Hai Waterfall has clear ponds so visitors can soak in the wild nature. Photo: VT

Stepping on each undulating rock, Mr. A Nit and I excitedly reached the foot of the highest waterfall – Y Vai. A clear lake is located at the foot of the waterfall, surrounded by green trees and colorful rocks. Just looking at it, I wanted to soak in the lake to enjoy the cool water.

Sitting down with old An Nit on the rock near the water’s edge, I dipped my hands into the cool water and washed my face. Cool water makes people feel incredibly refreshed!

Y Hai Waterfall Attractive destination Elder A Nit introduces the middle layer of Y Hai waterfall. Photo: VT

After resting for a while, old man A Nit led me back to A Manh waterfall. This time, we did not have to stand at the foot of the waterfall like on the journey to Y Vai waterfall, but we stood on the top of A Manh waterfall.

It’s the dry season, the top of A Manh waterfall reveals shiny black rocks, under the sunlight sometimes a few shades of purple mixed with red appear, looking very magical. The closer I got to the top of the waterfall, the more my legs trembled because the slope became more and more obvious. While walking, old An Nit stopped: “Let’s go here, the rocky slope is very dangerous.”

Y Hai Waterfall Attractive destination The middle level – Y Hai waterfall with a clear flow weaving through many different shaped rocks. Photo: VT

Sitting to rest, the old man lit a cigarette and told the story. For many generations, Y Hai waterfall has been the water source of the people of Long Lay and Dak Don villages. The fresh water source of Y Hai waterfall has raised many generations of Xo Dang people here. Being attached to Y Hai waterfall, I hope that in the rest of my life I will see the changes of the waterfall, and see the attention from the local government to make Y Hai waterfall become a well-known tourist destination.

Mr. Vo Trung Manh – Chairman of Tu Mo Rong District People’s Committee said: In order to develop the Y Hai Waterfall area into a community tourism destination, currently, the District People’s Committee has asked the Provincial People’s Committee to plan the Y Hai Waterfall area into a tourist destination. Travel associated with experiencing the ginseng garden and conquering Ngoc Linh mountain peak. In addition, the district has directed the commune to expand the road down to the waterfall and build a few huts for tourists to rest; Build a gong performance team, guide teams, serve tourists, organize training and guidance for teams specializing in cooking traditional dishes, develop a number of free-range chicken and striped pig models. … so that visitors can experience the culinary culture and activities of the Xo Dang people here.


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