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During a business trip to Dak Ro Nga commune, Dak To district, Kon Tum province, I was introduced by Mr. A Khiet – Chairman of the People’s Council of Dak Ro Nga commune: The Xe Dang ethnic minority in the northern Central Highlands is preserving A unique secret, no need to ferment or incubate ingredients, in just a few hours people can make dozens of liters of wine. When sipping this wine with dried wild meat and grilled termite mushrooms, you will “forget the way home”.

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Old A Hvoi is the most experienced person in Dak De village, Dak Ro Nga commune, who knows how to get water from long kre tree trunks and t’ve tree bark from the deep forest to make wine, leading a group of 8 people up the mountain. Old A Hvoi only brought a knife to the forest and a basket containing some t’ve tree bark. The road from the People’s Committee headquarters of Dak Ro Nga commune to Ngok Tang mountain range is about 5km, the road is bumpy and winding.

Overcoming the steep cliff, wiping the sweat dripping from her face, Ms. Y Ngheo, residing in Dak De village, Dak Ro Nga commune, said: “In the past dozen years, this is the second time in my life.” I, the old man, was able to climb to the top of Ngok Tang. Tired, but very happy.” I asked: “Do you climb trees to get wine?” “Only men and young people get alcohol. I am a woman, if a woman takes wine, Giang will punish her and not let the plant produce water anymore” – Ms. Y Theo explained. The group’s journey continued through a distance of nearly 1km filled with reeds, bamboo, bamboo…

Mr. A Dam suddenly stopped, used a rapier (forest knife-NV) to look at and choose 2 bamboo trees with green trunks and large tubes, cut them into 4 sections, each section had 2 bamboo eyes. Then, A Dam used a tree trunk to carve through the eye in the middle. Feeling strange, people traveling with him in the group wondered: “What is the old man doing with the body of a turtle?”. “Oh, there’s something we can store wine in later. Wine stored in a fresh bamboo tube will retain its aroma and flavor for a long time. Forest wine stored in plastic cans is not delicious.”

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Prepare a drinking glass.

Wine collection process

In front of us are about 7 long kre trees, all of which can be extracted to make wine. The long kre tree looks like the coconut family, growing on steep rocky cliffs. To get pure t’ve wine, the Xe Dang ethnic minority people in Dak Ro Nga commune went through a quite elaborate process of research and testing.

After about 10 years, the long kre tree matures and begins to bloom and bear fruit. People use bamboo tree trunks to use ladders to climb to the top of the long kre tree trunk. Initially, people chose a long kre tree chamber for water because not all chambers had water. Cut two-thirds of the chamber and use a trough made from cork sheaths to catch every drop, every drop of water leaking from the tree trunk to flow into. bamboo tube tied along the tree trunk. To preserve good wine, people change the wine storage tube about every month. The water seeping out from the trunk of the long kre tree is cool and sweet to drink.

Going through a steep mountain pass, drinking about 2 cups of long kre water (a cup made of bamboo-NV) mixed with the cool atmosphere of the Central Highlands mountains and forests, will feel refreshed and healthy. The water extracted from the stem of the long kre tree is inherently rich, but fermenting the bark of the t’ve tree makes the flavor even richer and more ecstatic. To get the bark of t’ve tree, people have to go deep into the deep forest of Ngoc Linh range to search, peel all the bark, and dry it on stilt house fires.

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Take care of every drop of wine.

Ms. Y Nghi – a member of the Xe Dang ethnic group residing in Dak Man village, Dak Ro Nga commune, is honored by the people in the village as a “farmer master” because her assets include nearly ten hectares of rubber, several hectares of coffee… Proudly boasted: “Minh used to drink many types of beer, but t’ve wine is more fragrant and delicious. Just drink a few glasses of t’ve wine and you can stay by the fire until morning.”

Giang’s fortune

In the Central Highlands, perhaps Dak Ro Nga commune, Dak To district, Kon Tum province is the only locality that has the long kre tree and the Xe Dang ethnic minority people here know how to make t’ve wine. Before storm No. 9, Dak Ro Nga commune had only two villages, Dak Man and Dak De, with about 10 households having dozens of long kre trees.

Entering the t’ve wine collection season, from January to April every year, people organize offerings to Giang, offerings including wine and chicken, praying to God to bless the villagers with good health and lush rice fields. The blades used to make wine must be forged and smelted by the villagers themselves. They cannot be used for anything else, otherwise they will be punished by Giang and the long kre tree will no longer produce water. T’ve wine is a gift from Giang, so the people cherish it and pour every drop to treat distinguished guests. Mr. A Khiet said: “At the province-wide culinary festival held in early 2009, t’ve wine and grilled forest leaves on bamboo tubes won third prize.”


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