Wheat leaf soup – Kon Tum News

Cassava (cassava) is commonly grown in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Phu Yen… its tubers have many uses in industrial processing, animal feed and food – food, processed into cassava starch, used to make cakes. However, few people know that the leaves of the cassava plant can also be used to prepare some very delicious and nutritious dishes.

If you visit the Central Highlands, you can find bitter eggplant with cassava leaves right in Pleiku city (Kon Tum), which is Choet village or Plei Op village. However, this dish can only have the most accurate flavor and be truly delicious when cooked by the people themselves.

Wheat leaf soup – Kon Tum News

According to the experience of people in Kon Tum, to have delicious cassava leaf soup, the leaves must be picked early in the morning, when the sun has just risen, at this time the young, juicy green cassava leaves are still covered with white powder. . Pick cassava leaves, wash them, then crush them or put them in a mortar and pound them well before processing.

Usually, to cook delicious noodle soup, you have to choose tamarind leaves, hybrid noodles, and Japanese noodles with large, thick leaves, which are more toxic and not as delicious. When picking, you should pick the young leaves near the top, remove the long stems, wash them, put them in a stone mortar, crush them, squeeze the leaves to remove the green juice, then put them in the pot to cook.

There are many different ways to prepare noodle soup, depending on the taste and way of eating in each place. For example, to have a delicious pot of noodle soup, people choose noodles cooked with bitter eggplant, chicken intestines or some minced pork belly. Put all the ingredients in a pot, add a little water and boil.

When the soup boils, remember to open the lid for a while to let the cassava leaves reduce the amount of toxins present, then cover again, boil carefully until the leaves turn from green to yellow, season with salt and MSG to taste and you’re done. The bowl of soup has the bitter taste of cassava leaves, the sweetness of meat and the spiciness of chili, very interesting.

In addition to sweet and fragrant cassava leaf soup, stir-fried cassava leaves are also very delicious. This dish’s ingredients include green cassava leaves, wild eggplant and young papaya flowers, plus a few hot chili peppers. After crushing the cassava leaves, put them in the pan with eggplant and papaya flowers and stir-fry until dry.

When stir-frying, keep the heat low so that the noodles are cooked but not dry, the eggplant is cooked, and the papaya flowers are crisp and fresh. When everything is cooked, season to taste, add a little pepper and pour onto a plate. This dish is both rich and fragrant with the smell of cassava leaves mixed with pepper with the crunchiness of eggplant, the spicy taste of papaya flowers and chili peppers… That is the appeal of this dish.

In some other localities, people also use the leaves to prepare many strange and attractive dishes such as stir-fried noodles with garlic, stir-fried noodles with steamed fish…