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On the other hand, Dak To district is located in the center of Kon Tum province, has convenient transportation roads, and is a good premise for linking tourism development with other districts, provinces and the Southern and Eastern regions of Laos. Northern Cambodia follows the tourist route “Central Highlands Green Road” and “Friendship Road”.

However, in recent years, the district’s tourism development has been slow; not commensurate with existing potential and advantages.

The above situation has many causes, one of which is that the leadership and direction of tourism activities have not been given due attention; The advisory role of functional agencies and sectors has not been fully promoted, and the coordination between sectors is not tight. Community awareness about tourism is not uniform, especially the quality of human resources is still weak. The district’s economic conditions are still difficult, infrastructure has not been invested in to effectively exploit the tourism potential in the area, to serve the needs of local socio-economic development.

Faced with the above situation, on February 20, 2012, the 6th Conference of the Dak To District Party Executive Committee, term XV, issued Resolution No. 01-NQ/HU on promoting tourism development in the district during the period. 2011 – 2015, oriented to 2020, this is a turning point to open up tourism development in the area to serve the needs of local socio-economic development.

Regarding tourism development trend forecasts, in the coming years, according to the tourism development orientation in Kon Tum province, tourist routes linked to the district will be formed such as: Kon Tum – Dak Ha – Dak route. To (Kon Tum Prison, scenic spots in Kon Tum city – Dak Uy Special Use Forest, Dak Ha – historical relics of Dak To victory – Tan Canh and scenic spots in Dak To); Kon Tum – Dak Ha – Dak To – Ngoc Hoi route (Po y international border gate); Kon Tum – Dak Ha – Dak To – Dak Glei route (Dak Glei Prison, Ngoc Linh nature reserve); Kon Tum – Dak To – Sa Thay route (Ch Mom Ray national park); Kon Tum – Dak To – Tu Mo Rong route (Historic site of Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee base); The North – South route passes through Ho Chi Minh Road (through Dak To); Kon Tum – Dak To – Tu Mo Rong route – East Truong Son road – Tam Ky, Quang Nam; The tourist route “Central Highlands Green Road” passes through the Central Highlands provinces and connects the “Heritage Road” route to the Central provinces through the “Legendary Road, Truong Son Road – Ho Chi Minh Road”… will open creates a great potential for tourism in the area in the future, is a premise, and is a favorable condition to exploit the tourism potential in the district.

The viewpoint of tourism development in Dak To district is: promoting tourism development on the basis of promoting the advantages of geographical location, natural and human tourism resources, infrastructure, traditional cultural identity, history… Tourism development is a driving force to promote other economic sectors to develop together, contributing to the rapid transformation of the district’s economic structure in a positive direction;

Promote socialization of tourism; Mobilize all levels, sectors, socio-political organizations and the entire community to participate in tourism development. Encourage all economic sectors to invest in tourism business;

Sustainable tourism development, placed in inter-sectoral and inter-regional linkages and relationships, within the province, region, country and internationally. Tourism development is associated with socio-economic development, protecting the ecological environment, protecting the value of tourism resources, without deforming or disrupting the common landscape;

Tourism development must be associated with ensuring political security, social order and safety, preserving fine customs and traditions and promoting the good cultural identity of the community of ethnic groups living together in the area. .

Regarding the goal, with many positive measures, promote the district’s tourism to develop quickly and sustainably; increase income for society, improve and enhance people’s lives; increase the district’s economic, defense and security potential; contributing to promoting economic and social development.

Tourism development aims to create more jobs for workers, increase revenue for the local budget, contribute to the rapid transformation of the district’s economic structure towards rapidly increasing the proportion of service industries and be a driving force. Protect and promote cultural and historical values, improve the environmental landscape, and raise people’s intellectual level.


Dak To hot spring entrance gate – Photo: Kim Son.

The specific goal by 2015 is to strive to build 2-3 tourist destinations, including: Dak To – Tan Canh victory monument cluster, Rong house (district center); historical relic of Dak To – Tan Canh victory; ecotourism, resort to Kon Dao hot springs – Dak Lung Waterfall, thereby forming a complete tourist route with a visit time of 2 days or more and connecting with the province’s tourist routes.

From 2016 onwards, according to the development needs of the district and the development situation of the tourism industry in Kon Tum province in general and Dak To district in particular, we will continue to call for investment and exploit more locations. tourism in the district, the forecast is as follows:

Historical tourist attractions: Kon Hring church relic area (Dien Binh commune); artillery battle of 40th Artillery Brigade, Front B3 (Dak To town); Tank assembly area of ​​Tank Brigade 273, Front B3 (Dak Tram commune) during the Dak To – Tan Canh campaign.

Ecotourism destinations: Dak Cho Waterfall, Ngoc Tu commune; Dak Na stream, Po Ko commune; Dak Manh Dot wine, Dak Ro Nga commune; Ecological pine forest east of Dak To town.

Cultural tourist destination: Traditional cultural village associated with the Xe Dang traditional craft village (Te Pen village, Van Lem commune).

On the basis of tourist destinations, survey and form tourist routes in the district linked with tourist routes in the province according to the general planning for tourism development of Kon Tum province.

To achieve the goal, it is necessary to deploy the following tasks and solutions: promote propaganda and education to make all officials, Party members and people clearly understand and agree to identify tourism as one of the advantage, one of the economic sectors of the district, highly integrated, interdisciplinary, regional and socialized; Developing tourism will create market demand and motivation to attract and promote other industries to develop, thereby promoting the proper awareness and responsibility of all levels, sectors and all people. people in the district in participating in tourism development in the district.

Urgently complete the construction of the tourism development project in the district by 2015, with a vision to 2020; On that basis, review, adjust and supplement specific plans in tourist areas and destinations, ensuring harmonious development of the district’s advantages.

Improve the quality of tourism products, focusing on products with local characteristics and characteristics, on the basis of maximizing the district’s advantages in historical tourism, eco-tourism, and vacations. nutrition, cultural tourism…, encouraging the strong development of supporting products and services such as: entertainment, some typical festivals of the Xe Dang and Ro Ngao ethnic people; producing souvenir items: brocade weaving, traditional handicraft weaving, fine arts, other types of services… to diversify tourism products, better meeting the diverse needs of tourists. traveler. At the same time, promote linkages with Kon Tum city and neighboring districts, forming reasonable and attractive tourist routes to attract tourists.

Attract investment in new construction of at least 01 2-star standard hotel, 20 rooms with full accommodation services in the center of Dak To town to serve tourists on the route and visitors in the district. .

Calling for investment in the construction of a new level 2 supermarket to serve local people and the shopping needs of tourists.

Carry out planning for the development of tourist spots and routes based on tourism resources in the district to gradually form tourist spots, routes and areas. First of all, urgently work with the departments and branches of the province to soon submit to the Provincial People’s Committee for approval the project of repairing and embellishing to promote the value of the historical victory relic of Dak To – Tan Canh to have a basis for development. implemented in 2013; Completed the renovation and embellishment of the Dak To – Tan Canh victory monument campus.

Every year, in addition to allocating capital sources from the State budget, it is necessary to take advantage of other mobilized capital sources to focus on investing in renovating and developing the infrastructure system, first of all traffic at points and routes. , tourist area; electricity, water; telecommunication; amusement, entertainment, and sports areas; supermarkets, markets…

We attach great importance to the task of protecting and building a safe, civilized, friendly and hospitable environment. Have a plan to actively protect and enhance the natural landscape. Strengthen measures to keep the environment green, clean and beautiful; promptly and resolutely handle all cases causing adverse impacts on the environment and landscape; Strengthen measures to manage social order, environmental sanitation, market prices, inspection, control, food hygiene and safety… to ensure sustainable tourism development.

Through many rich and diverse forms to further promote propaganda, promotion and tourism investment promotion. Continuously improve the quality of the district’s electronic information page, enhance the promotion of the district’s image and tourism potential on provincial media channels; Improve the quality and well organize cultural events and festival activities in the area to attract tourists.

Create favorable conditions and fully meet the legitimate requirements of partners who come to learn, survey and invest; Quickly resolve administrative procedures, associated with regularly strengthening monitoring and inspection of the implementation, implementation and operation process of tourism projects.

Pay special attention to building and improving the quality of human resources for tourism; Focus on training, fostering, and building a team of tour guides with sufficient numbers and good skills. First of all, foster knowledge related to local culture and history; business culture, communication skills, and behavior for the workforce that directly serves tourists and residents of tourist areas before tourist attractions come into operation.

Properly strengthen State management of tourism; promulgate regulations to coordinate the management of tourism activities, especially clarifying responsibilities between the industry and localities; regulations on management of tourist areas, tourist attractions, tourist routes and construction architecture…; Strengthen inspection, control, and promptly handle deviations and shortcomings that occur in tourism activities or affect tourism development. Coordinate closely with the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to evaluate the quality and rank tourist sites, routes and areas.

Dak To is a district with all the factors and favorable conditions to develop tourism into an important economic sector.

Tourism development not only exploits the district’s comparative advantages, creates more jobs, increases revenue for the local budget, but also contributes to protecting and promoting cultural and historical values, helping Quickly transform the district’s economic structure towards rapidly increasing the proportion of service industries, contributing to socio-economic development, creating conditions for economic and cultural exchanges, improving material and social life. spirit of the people according to the Resolution of the 15th Congress of the District Party Committee./.

Kim Son

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