Travel and check in

Thanks to the check-in trend (marking where you are by recording photos of fun activities during your trip and posting them on social networks) in recent years, many tourist destinations and scenes The beauty in Kon Tum is known and sought by many people.

View from Mang Den

In recent years, Mang Den (Kon Plong) has become a bright spot not only on the tourist map of Kon Tum but also in the region and the country. This is the result of the efforts of the entire political system. With existing potential and advantages, since 2013, Mang Den has been approved by the Prime Minister to plan the construction of an eco-tourism area. Over time, with the attention and investment of the central government, the province, and the district, the district’s transportation and infrastructure difficulties have been overcome. Mang Den today retains its original pristine beauty while ensuring essential requirements for tourists from near and far. Mang Den tourism is warming up, the number of tourists coming to Mang Den is increasing. For example, in 2020, despite being heavily affected by the Covid -19 pandemic, there were 191,050 people coming to Mang Den, an increase of 2.4% compared to the plan.

To help tourists from near and far know more about Mang Den, Kon Plong district pays special attention to propaganda and promotion work. Tourism businesses in the area also invest in unique tourism products and encourage tourists to check in as an effective way to promote tourism.

Travel and check in
Mang Den – Kon Plong is a place that many tourists come to visit and take photos. Photo: NP

Nowadays, coming to Mang Den, we can easily see scenes of groups of young people, family groups, and groups of women enjoying posing next to cherry blossom branches, next to Pa Si waterfall, Dak Ke lake, and forests. information, high-tech agricultural zones… Many of those photos have been posted by tourists on their personal Facebook pages and thanks to that, more and more people know Mang Den.

The story of cherry blossoms in Mang Den in recent years is a specific example of the relationship between tourism and check-in. Remember, when the cherry blossom season of 2020 was budding, Huyen – a friend from Ho Chi Minh City called to ask. You said, Da Lat has long been famous for cherry apricots, you also came. Recently, I saw on Facebook that many people checked in at the cherry tree in Mang Den so they knew about this place. And you want to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms, take photos with cherry blossoms in new scenery, new locations…

Travel and check in
With just a compact smartphone, we will immediately have beautiful photos. Photo: HL

All said and done, asking about the situation and necessary information, you and some friends formed a group to go from Ho Chi Minh City to Mang Den. Renting a homestay, combining to enjoy some attractions, the group of friends stayed in Mang Den for 2 days, 1 night and returned to Kon Tum for 1 day, 1 night, then returned to Ho Chi Minh City. And real people, real things, your check-in photos next to the cherry apricot tree at Dak Ke Lake, in the town square… have attracted the attention of the online community. The elegant pink color blooming in the middle of the forest has made many people fascinated and then come again, when the cherry blossoms bloom again sobbingly looking for Mang Den.

Obviously, along with promoting propaganda and promotion, check-in has created a “good reputation” that spreads the beauty of cherry blossoms not only in the district or province but also by tourists. remote provinces, even international visitors come.

Check in, low cost – high efficiency

Currently, as technology, smartphones, and social networks develop and the need to improve people’s spiritual lives is increasing, along with the trend of going to long-famous tourist destinations, the trend is to Backpacking and experiential travel are being sought after by many people, especially young people. Many times, just a photo of beautiful roads, peaceful villages, wild, idyllic mountains and hills… is enough for those who are passionate about traveling and not afraid of remote roads to come. .

With just a compact smartphone, just wifi or 4G, beautiful photos of tourist destinations will continue to be shared with the online community. Complimentary comments, descriptions of beautiful scenery, and visits to addresses will bring the tourist destination to more people.

Travel and check in
Tourists experience Siu Puong waterfall (Dak Na commune, Tu Mo Rong district). Photo: Nguyen Ban

In our province today, in addition to the beautiful scenery in Mang Den, there are also many other unique and separate tourist attractions that a large number of domestic and foreign tourists come to check in such as: Wooden Church, Bishop’s Court. unique cultural beauty of ethnic minority villages… Thanks to that, even in the context of the current Covid -19 epidemic, Kon Tum tourism, although not at a high growth rate, is still The destination of many people because of its safety, friendliness, and freshness.

But, many people think that just following the check-in photos may not be enough. Some people confessed that, from the check-in photos on social networks, they also invited friends and made plans to visit; But, the reality is not as expected. The scenery like friends checking in is still there, but compared to the photos, it is less sparkling, moreover, the essential conditions are not guaranteed. For example, toilets are not proportional to the increasing number of tourists arriving; The cleaning process of the tourist area is not guaranteed; The tourism products are similar, not yet distinct… So they only come once to let them know, and then that’s it.

Obviously, check-in images at beautiful locations are beautiful, but if essential services are not guaranteed; if hygiene is not guaranteed; if there is a pattern of soliciting and cutting off tourists; if the itinerary is not diverse; if tourism products are not of good quality; If the price is not affordable… then even if customers follow the check-in trend, they will only come once, will have difficulty coming back a second or third time, and will also be less interested in playing the role of “propagandist”. to advise and recommend to others..

Travel and check in
A beautiful check-in location in Kon Tum. Photo: The Binh

The 16th Provincial Party Congress determined “Promoting tourism development in many types” as one of three breakthrough areas in the 2020-2025 term. Accordingly, “Developing and building a unique Kon Tum tourism brand, reaching domestic and international reach” is also one of 18 action programs of the XVI Provincial Party Executive Committee implementing the Resolution Resolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 – 2025.

Potential and available advantages; Specific and clear policies, tasks, and solutions. The remaining issue is the joint efforts of all levels and sectors, and especially the breakthrough from investors and tourist destination management units. And as mentioned, among a series of issues that need attention, the check-in trend (a highly effective way to promote tourism but does not cost much) has been, is and will always be closely related. with travel.

From the check-in photos that make sobbing people come and not only come the first time, but the second time, the third time… and also “little tips” to get more tourists to come, the parallel between virtual and real is something that tourism professionals need to pay attention to. Must invest in tourism products, entertainment services, and quality accommodation facilities. Ensure essential elements (clean water, sanitation). Invest in unique and characteristic check-in points; renew tourism spaces and products. Encourage check-in… so that tourists can voluntarily promote destinations effectively.

In other words, not only beautiful in check-in photos but also beautiful in real life. And along with beauty being a necessary factor, attention must be paid to ensuring that the factor is sufficient so that tourist destinations can attract tourists and welcome them back, to promote Kon Tum tourism to develop and become a key economic sector. sharp as the Resolution proposed.