Town in the middle of the Truong Son mountain range

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A spacious village in the middle of the Truong Son mountains today.

1. Starting from Da Nang, follow route DT604 to the west for nearly 100km to P’rao town (Dong Giang district) – the connection point between route DT604 and the legendary Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh road. From P’rao, turn right to Tay Giang (Quang Nam), A Luoi (Thua Thien – Hue) districts and then connect to Road 9 in Dak Rong (Quang Tri); Turn left to connect Thanh My town (Nam Giang district), Kham Duc town (Phuoc Son district, Quang Nam), through Lo Xo pass and then to the Central Highlands provinces: Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak… Previous Liberation, this is the route connecting the Southern front line with the Northern rear and is also the fiercest route of American bombs. The places Asò, P’rao, P’Giang, Kham Duc (Quang Nam), Dak Glei, Dak To (Kon Tum) were known during the war as “death coordinates” by nearly 4 million tons of American bombs and bullets. drop down to the Truong Son range.

In April, Truong Son floats in mist and stone smoke. Towns located along the Ho Chi Minh Trail such as P’rao, Kham Duc, Dak Glei undulate in the mist like a mystical, poetic watercolor painting. About 10 years ago, when the Ho Chi Minh Highway had not been upgraded, these towns were located in the middle of the desolate Truong Son Mountains. At that time, these towns seemed isolated from the outside, known only for remote ethnic villages. Whether sunny or rainy, the road to the towns from Quang Nam – Kon Tum is located on the isolated and dangerous Truong Son range, the products made are mainly “internal circulation”. The time to and from these towns to the outside is calculated in units of days, so much so that district officials who schedule business trips only record the departure date but do not know the exact return date. It could be 1 week, 1 month or more. But today, coming to the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the historic days of April, Truong Son has changed. Along the road today are new villages with bright red tiled roofs and solid walls; The towns were bustling, with electric lights on all night, no less bustling than the towns in the plains.

2. Ho Chi Minh Road from A Tep (Thua Thien – Hue) to Dak Glei (Kon Tum) is nearly 300km long, the paved road is as flat as a dragon gliding across the Truong Son range. Only nearly 300km but there are 5 busy towns such as: Tay Giang, P’rao (Dong Giang), Thanh My (Nam Giang), Kham Duc (Phuoc Son, Quang Nam) and Dak Glei (Kon Tum) and dozens of A new, spacious village has sprung up along the roadside. For people living closely with Truong Son, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is their path to eradicating poverty.

Setting up his motorbike on the edge of the forest to enter the field, Mr. A Lang Xuan (Pa Pang village, Ca Dy commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam) smiled brightly: “Our people have suffered a lot in recent years, brother. Previously, working in the fields had to walk half a day to get there, and at night we had to stay in the Zun (a thatched house in the middle of the fields – PV), each trip to the fields took a whole week to get back home. Now I’m very healthy, I wake up in the morning and ride my motorbike to the edge of the forest, park it there, then go to the fields, and return home in the afternoon. When the harvest season comes, call a car to pick you up. The nun path helps people relieve tired legs and strengthen their stomachs.”

Holding her baby and standing in front of the spacious house on the long Ho Chi Minh Road, Ms. A Lum (Dong Loc village, Dak Man commune, Dak Glei district), confided: “Previously, my house lived far away in the fields. It’s half a day’s journey to get there. Since the Ho Chi Minh Highway passed by, the State supported money to build houses, and our villages moved here to make it easier for their children to go to school; bright electric lights; Cassava roots and corn near the road are also easy to sell; Fish and vegetables near the road are also easy to buy. Life in the village is much happier now.”

3. Not simply a path to poverty eradication for ethnic minorities, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is also considered a boost for the economic development of the Western Truong Son region. The Ho Chi Minh Road is clear, poor districts such as Dak Glei (Kon Tum), Phuoc Son, Nam Giang, Dong Giang, Tay Giang (Quang Nam) become a hyphen between Northeast Thailand, Southern Laos and Southeast Ministry, with Da Nang – the economic center of the Central region creating a strong boost in socio-economic development.

Mr. Bh’riu Liec, alternate member of the Central Committee, Secretary of Tay Giang District Party Committee (Quang Nam), said: 36 years have passed, Tay Giang land is reviving day by day, like barren land exposed to showers and grass for a long time. Trees grow, birds and animals race to find prey. In particular, after 8 years of re-establishing the district (2003), “electricity – roads – schools – stations”, reclaimed terraced fields have reached the villages of the C’tu people, the economy has stabilized, politically and socially. and security is constantly maintained and developed better, people’s trust in the Party and State becomes more and more sustainable.

In addition, Tay Giang always cares to encourage and help the people of the fraternal Lao tribes along the border with noble international sentiments, the two peoples are like one family with a common roof of Truong Son heroes in the resistance war, unite, help and develop together in peace. Today’s achievements are thanks to the Party and State’s large, timely and effective policies for mountainous areas in general and Tay Giang in particular, such as: National program on sedentary farming – settlement, planting and forest development (661), programs 135, 134, 30a, Government bonds, investment in border areas (160)… “The Ho Chi Minh Trail not only promotes the economy, creates trade flows between mountainous areas and the delta conveniently, quickly, and effectively, but also contributes to preserving and preserving cultural values ​​as well as creating cultural interference of ethnic minorities along the route” – Mr. Bh’ chirping Glance commented.

Nguyen Khoi

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