Tourism and tourism business situation in Kon Tum

Clearly recognizing the huge tourism potential of the province, the People’s Committee of Kon Tum province has appraised and approved many tourism development projects, most recently Decision 664 dated July 7, 2008 on the General Project. can develop tourism in Kon Tum province in the period 2008 – 2015, oriented to 2020.

Communal house – typical culture in Kon Tum.

Kon Tum Tourism Industry has had detailed programs for community cultural tourism areas along the banks of the Dak Bla River with a river cruise program, turning villages along the river into an ideal stopover for tourists. Explore Kon Tum by dugout boat. In addition, the project that has been approved by the government and is currently being implemented is: “Detailed planning of Mang Den eco-tourism, cultural and resort area”. When this project is put into operation, it will attract a large number of visitors from the delta via Highway 24. In addition, Kon Tum Tourism industry has also planned many other tourist destinations such as: Dak Uy – Dak Ha, Chien old school, cultural and ecological tourist routes Ya Chim or Dak Ro Wa…

Villas in the Mang Den ecological, cultural and resort area.

With the potential of natural conditions and unique cultural and humanistic identities, Kon Tum tourism has many opportunities and development. In recent years, the tourism industry has made many efforts to invest, upgrade, and develop many new models to attract tourists. Kon Tum Tourism has overcome difficulties and challenges, gradually overcome limitations, mobilized internal resources and enlisted a number of external investment sources to improve operational capacity, gradually achieving important achievements. important, to create a number of new aspects for the industry, creating momentum for tourism to develop sustainably and on par with local potential and conditions.

Coming to Kon Tum, in addition to domestic tourists, there are also international visitors, most of whom are tourists from France, Germany, Japan, America, Canada, and countries in Southeast Asia. They come for many different purposes such as sightseeing, entertainment, cultural research, sociology, visiting relatives, pilgrimage, business, tourism…

Business situation of Kon Tum Tourism

Kon Tum tourism has seen significant growth in recent times. However, Kon Tum tourism development has not been commensurate with the natural tourism potential and humanistic tourism potential, especially the natural tourism potential has not been properly exploited.

Shortcomings of Kon Tum tourism activities: The length of stay of tourists in Kon Tum is still low, on average about 1.5 – 2 days; Revenue structure: accommodation and food revenue accounts for over 65%, transportation is 3%. Thus, spending on accommodation and food accounts for a high proportion of total tourist spending. Meanwhile, transportation is mostly handled by other business companies; The tourism business environment is showing signs of lacking sustainability factors due to unfair competition. What is of concern is that the hotel price is not commensurate with the quality. The quality of handicrafts is not high and diverse, and there is no sense of long-term preservation. Those reasons have discouraged tourists from increasing their spending.

That is due to the following reasons: Kon Tum’s tourist attractions are mostly exploited based on available natural conditions, there is no synchronous investment to create complete tourism products, so the quality of the products is poor. product is not high; The Kon Tum tourism master plan has not been coordinated with the tourism planning of the Central Highlands region. Tourism products are still monotonous and overlapping, not creating typical products for Kon Tum tourism; Local policies to attract tourism investment capital have not promoted strong participation from local, domestic and international economic sectors; Propaganda, advertising and tourism promotion work still has many limitations; Travel business activities of local travel businesses are still weak. Tourists coming to Kon Tum mostly exploit domestic tourists, connecting tours for international tourists from big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang; Competition among tourism businesses is not healthy. Therefore, service quality does not satisfy tourists’ expectations…

From the above operational situation and backlogs, Kon Tum Tourism industry needs to focus on diversifying types of tourism, investing in good exploitation of cultural types; resort tourism, eco-tourism, based on cultural tourism as the basis for developing other types of tourism. Kon Tum province has also advocated maximizing the available potential using mainly social capital sources, including foreign capital with the participation of domestic and foreign economic sectors. The state only invests in major infrastructure projects outside tourist areas, the internal construction is done by the investor. The goal and development orientation of Kon Tum Tourism industry has been set out to constantly improve quality and develop a variety of products to create attractiveness, attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists. By doing so, Kon Tum will help the tourism industry develop rapidly, becoming an important economic sector, contributing to promoting other economic sectors, creating jobs, and meeting the increasing needs of the people. about sightseeing and tourism; At the same time, it contributes to improving socio-economic efficiency, aiming to reinvest and develop Kon Tum Tourism industry towards modernization and civilization./.

Yen Tran