The New Year’s running event attracts visitors to check-in at Mang Den

On January 7, at Mang Den Square, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum, the Run Discover Mang Den Encouraged No Shoes 2024 took place.

The race attracted more than 300 athletes to run around many attractive tourist destinations in Mang Den land.

The run has connected people closer to nature through all senses. In addition, the organizing committee also organizes many indigenous cultural and artistic activities to promote Mang Den to tourists.


The running race attracted many athletes and people of all ages (Photo: Chi Anh).

Mr. Bui Viet Ha, Chairman of Mang Den Tourism Association, shared: “The running race gives people a new experience. Through the event, more tourists come to Mang Den, spreading the message of protecting nature, mountains and forests to everyone. At the same time, the program hopes to enrich local traditions and maintain cultural heritage.”


Through the running race, the athletes experienced the most beautiful roads of Mang Den during the cherry blossom season and immersed themselves in the cultural life of the Central Highlands (Photo: Chi Anh).

The race includes 3 stages of 22km, 12km and 6km around many tourist attractions in Mang Den town. The running race attracts professional athletes, active runners, families, and children without age limits to promote the running movement.

At the beginning of the year, Kon Plong district also continuously organized many activities imbued with national cultural identity with the theme “Central Highlands Paradise – Mang Den” such as: Performances of gongs, national musical instruments, stone lutes, silk string, ta vau, ting ning; re-enacting the ceremonies celebrating new rice and offering water troughs; Performing arts combining singing, dancing, and music; Displaying items serving the lives of ethnic minorities has attracted a large number of tourists to visit and experience.

Especially the fashion show amidst the poetic natural landscape of Mang Den. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy costumes inspired by peach blossom petals, the typical flower of Mang Den, delicately expressed and rich in colorful emotions.


At the beginning of the year, Mang Den land also organized many attractive art programs, inspired by peach blossom petals and the national cultural identity here (Photo: Chi Anh).

According to Kon Plong District People’s Committee, from 2016 to April 2023, Mang Den eco-tourism area welcomed 2 million tourists. Thanks to that, revenue from tourism in recent years in Kon Plong district has increased significantly. Ethnic minorities in the area have gained additional income from tourism.

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