The majestic Seven Floor Waterfall

Chu Mom Ray National Park – Southeast Asia’s natural heritage (Kon Tum province) is not only rich in biodiversity but also contains many wild beauties such as waterfalls, caves, endemic forests, The forest of dwarf trees and rhododendron flowers on the top of Chu Mom Ray mountain (1,773 m high) is cloudy all year round… One of the beautiful scenes “hidden” in the wonderful nature of Chu Mom Ray is the Seven Storey Waterfall.


It is called “Seven Floors” because halfway up the high cliff there are 7 stone floors arranged in 7 steps to create a waterfall.

From Sa Thay town (Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province) to Bay Floor waterfall, there are 2 routes. One is to follow Provincial Highway 675 around the Northwest direction, go deep into the core area of ​​Chu Mom Ray National Park, meet Highway 40B (the East branch of Truong Son Road – Road 559), follow this Highway to Provincial Highway 674, turn along Provincial Road 674 to Ya Tri Forest Protection Management Station, Bay Floor Waterfall is across there. This road is about 80 km long. The second is from Provincial Road 674 in the Southeast direction around the buffer zone of Chu Mom Ray National Park, to the Ya Tri Forest Protection Management Station to reach Bay Floor Waterfall. This road is about 40 km long. Following Provincial Road 674 is closer, but you cannot go deep into the core area to enjoy the magnificent nature of the National Park.

 Seven Storey Waterfall. Photo: TVS

Seven Storey Waterfall. Photo: TVS

At the Ya Tri Forest Protection Management Station, visitors set out to walk into the forest. The entrance to the forest zigzags along a small stream that sometimes hides and appears, the water flows loudly and melodies like forest music welcoming visitors. The deeper you go, the more pristine and wild the forest road becomes. In many parts, visitors have to cling to trees or swing on jungle ropes to get over some rapids and rocks.

The waterfall is about 500 meters from provincial road 674, hidden among thousands of green trees. Overall, Seven Floor Waterfall is about a hundred meters high, divided into 7 distinct steps. The lower floors are littered with pebbles and rocks; Up to the higher levels, there are rapids and block rocks. There are many places where the rock surface is quite flat, where you can walk or sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery. It’s just a short forest road, not too tiring, visitors have plenty of time to admire the surrounding scenery.

First of all, look up at the peak and halfway up the mountainside to watch the wisps of smoke and clouds drifting around creating all sorts of strange shapes. From that place halfway up the smoke, the white water stream spread through the mossy gray rocks, pouring down to each next floor under a loud, chaotic sound. The water foams white and the steam flies like fine mist, cool to the skin, making guests relax their souls in the solitude of the space. The waterfall is high and hidden in dense vegetation, so it’s difficult to take a panoramic photo!

When the neck and eyes are tired, guests lower their panoramic view of the surrounding wild forest. Amidst the greenery, a soft-stemmed tree, no more than a few inches tall, curls its body and flutters with a purple flower. Again, there were a few species of herbs, like vines wedged in the rocky ledges and draped over low groves swaying with a beautiful yellow flower color… Again, on the high branches were dotted with orchids as if they were beckoning people. enjoy… And there, in the dark and dense forest canopy, glimpses of forest trees can be seen. When I saw it, I suddenly wished I had a tube of fragrant wine, so I was thirsty!

Along with the Seven Floor Waterfall, this place also has clusters of “lonely bananas” growing all around the area, making it interesting for visitors to “see” with their own eyes the type of wild bananas, each with only one tree, absolutely no other trees. seedling! (To “maintain the species”, bananas “ask” wild birds to eat the ripe fruit and then “release” the seeds to grow a new generation)! The young core of the banana tree and flowers are very popular with Jrai people around the area because of their sweet and soft taste, especially when stir-fried. In addition, officials of the Chu Mom Ray National Park Management Board also added that not far from Bay Floor Waterfall there is a “Magic Stone Well”. The well’s mouth is as round as a tray, and the water never dries up. But because of limited time, I had to make an appointment to go to “Magic Stone Well” on the next trip…