The delicious taste of wild vegetables

The delicious taste of wild vegetablesWild vegetables stir-fried with garlic

The rainy season in Kon Tum lasts from May to November, which is also the season of wild vegetables. The pouring rains day after month have soaked the land, awakening vegetable sprouts to grow, emerging with shiny purple stems, fat tops, and lush young green leaves. Growing in the mountains and forests, wild vegetables are clean, you don’t have to worry about growth drugs, pesticides, etc. Ingredients in wild vegetables include: fatty acids (AB+)10%, Vitamin C 12%, ammonia 12, so vegetables Forests also have the effect of strengthening the body’s resistance, are good for the eyes, are good for people with high blood pressure, help reduce fat content in the blood and can be eaten freely without worrying about creating bad residue. in the body. This vegetable often grows in the forest, spreading on stream banks, tree holes, and forming large clusters under shady forest trees. After returning from the fields, mountainous people often pick a handful of wild vegetables, some bitter eggplants, and a few stream fish to bring home in baskets to prepare dishes for their families. During the war, the soldiers were in short supply of food, so they also learned from ethnic minorities and ate this strange but delicious vegetable. Then, wild vegetables spread far and wide, becoming a specialty dish of the mountains and forests.

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Tired of the delicious taste of wild mountain vegetables, I quickly asked the chef of Thuy Ta restaurant (Thi Sach, Kon Tum City), and he revealed the dishes made from wild vegetables: boiled wild vegetables. , wild vegetables stir-fried with garlic, wild vegetables stir-fried with beef, crab soup with wild vegetables, if you want to get fancy, there are pickled wild vegetables, wild vegetables in chicken salad,… The simplest boiled or steamed dish but it seems to be a dish that can be felt. the delicious taste of wild vegetables to the fullest. When fresh, wild vegetables do not have any special taste. Only after processing do they have a cool, crispy taste, very easy to eat. Closing the “matching list” of wild vegetables must include salted crab paste (made from crushed field crabs, filtered carcasses, watered and then salted for a few days). Pick up a stalk of silky green vegetables and dip them in the golden, fragrant crab sauce. It’s hard to find any high-class vegetable dish that can surpass this delicious taste. If you don’t have crab sauce, you can replace it with fish sauce (a type of fish sauce made from chopped pork belly simmered with fish sauce, the flavor is very rich). Just a plate of wild vegetables and a little fish sauce can make a delicious meal. Wild vegetable crab soup is equally delicious, you have to find the right type of crab, which ethnic minorities often sell on the streets of Truong Chinh, Le Hong Phong, Hoang Van Thu,… This type of crab is small but Many crabs, and a rich sweet taste, while the crabs brought from Binh Dinh are large but fleshy, not sweet, and the bowl of soup is not fragrant. After pounding the crab, filter out the residue, boil the crab juice, add the bricks and simmer over low heat until the crab bricks solidify into blocks. Then gently drop in a handful of wild vegetables, about 3 minutes later turn off the stove, you will have a delicious, cool bowl of crab soup with wild vegetables.

Previously, wild vegetables could only be found in forests or stream banks in Dak Glei, Kon Ray, and Kon Plong districts. But due to great market demand, wild vegetables were brought to the city and grown in large quantities in gardens. Coming to Kon Tum city, you will enjoy wild vegetable specialties at Com Nieu restaurant (Ly Thuong Kiet street), Thuy Ta (Thi Sach street), Hiep Thanh (Nguyen Hue street), etc. You can also buy vegetables. unprocessed forest at Duy Tan market (Duy Tan street), or vegetable stalls at Lon market (Tran Hung Dao street),… However, it seems that there is a lack of “air” so the vegetables grown are not green. and less rich, juicy taste like vegetables in the forest.

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